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    Hello, I wasn't sure which form to place this in. I have been using the iPhone app for eBay for a long time. I have some questions so, first is when you buy something from overseas, how do you calculate the charges that PayPal will place on you? Also, what is the best way to give somebody a five star rating
    That is, you select five stars but what do you put in the text box other than just great service or what have you? Any tips, advisor encouragement is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    PS, what brought these questions to mind, was I've been seeing lots of cool things on eBay from overseas that I would be interested in buying such as nursing bottles as well as other baby things.

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    Hi, I can weigh in here because I sell AB products on eBay. Paypal works out all the charges and currency conversions for you so don't worry about that. It is usually best, particularly if you are using multiple items, to wait until the seller sends you an invoice before making your PayPal payment. That way the seller can combine your items and ensure you pay the correct postage fees, often saving you money.

    Feedback is very important, it tells other buyers about your shopping experience. The 5 star rating system is self explanatory. With the text box, try to put something relevant. I get heaps of people who simply put A+ seller, which is fine but it doesn't tell people why the transaction was good. Something like: 'Excellent communication and amazingly quick delivery' is more informative and encouraging to other potential customers.

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    I sell on eBay all the time both internationally and within the U.S. All charges are figured by eBay, PayPal, and the seller when you purchase internationally. The seller will often invoice you for the charges of the transaction (shipping, customs fees, etc.). eBay always changes the charges from the international currency to U.S. dollars. As far as feedback (what you put in the text box), sellers always appreciate when they receive feedback for special transactions such as international ones. You could always say, "Perfect international transaction. Excellent seller for overseas sales." You could also exemplify how well the item was packaged, the quality, or whatever you liked most about the transaction. Good luck!

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    Thank you for the tips. For those of you that sell on eBay, can you send me a link to your store?

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