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Thread: Over working

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    Default Over working

    We've all had that workweek where you knew you had to many shifts. For me it was this past week as I worked more about fifty hours or so. How about you guys and gals ?

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    ya its been like that here i have just been saying yes to the boss after someone calls off min wage.and working 12 hrs shifts that take so much out of me but thank full for my job i know there are a lot of people that would take my place in a heartbeat also ebay is a good hobbie to take up if u want to make some extra cash

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    50 hours.. pff, that's pretty much the norm for me ;p

    For most in the software industry, occasional 70 to 80 hour weeks are depressingly not that uncommon. Luckily unlike a lot of people in this industry, I actually get paid overtime, so while it does suck, doubling ones pay-cheque kinda takes the edge off.

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    this week alone im sitting about 80 hours I work 72 hours and then picked up an extra shift

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    Yeah. But different people have different needs and different types of work.

    When I was at university I laboured for my job. Around 60 hours a week and up to 100 in the 2 weeks leading up to Christmas.

    As a teacher I worked around 70 hours a week and burnt myself out which lead to my leaving the profession that I'm passionate about. The difference is that I had to deal with people. People make a job much harder about the implications of every little action. However, teaching is a job you can do at 65-70 where you can't labour at that age because you're knees and other joints are screwed.

    I don't think I could tolerate anything more than the normal 40 hours now.

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    Being on call, the only tech for all sorts of issues at the plant some weekends fade in to many trips in to repair a crises and back to bed without a significant hour-dollar increase in pay.

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    The company I work for doesn't allow over time so 40 hour work weeks is my maximum. There are days where I feel drained, but also feels good to get stuff accomplished.

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    My standard week is 45 hours, and that's not counting commute times or the time to get dressed/undressed out if a monkey suit.

    I've put in close to 90 hour weeks a couple times though, and I think I end up working closer to 50 pretty regularly. I kind of like it. If putting in that much time is to do something I feel is important, then I kinda revel in it, even though in pretty exhausted.

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    My work week is about 65 hours as I'm a parcel delivery driver so I get in to depot at 6am'ish and some times not back till 6pm but most days it's 5 30 pm and Fridays can be 4 15 pm
    P/s i'm only paid for delivered or collected

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    Standard 40 hours for me. It used to wear on me because I wasn't used to full-time, but now it's my bread and butter. The thing that keeps me going is the fact that I go home both exhausted and satisfied.

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