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Thread: starting to feel left out and alone.

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    Default starting to feel left out and alone.

    I used to hang out with my best friend everyday and now we don't even talk. I know he has a job and him and his girlfriend have a baby, and I understand that is more important. I just really miss him, and I feel lost. All I am asking for is like a text or two you know? He was the only friend I had left. All of my other friends don't talk to me they just started avoiding me like I was the plague. They don't invite to anything anymore. I mean sure when we hung out I was quiet, but that is just me. I am quiet, shy, and awkward I don't like drawing attention to myself. I am not sure what to do anymore. My best friend since Kindergarten, and the other 4 friends I had since 6th grade just stopped talking to me.

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    Is there a group you can join, i.e. A church group, local YMCA, or one of the local fraternal groups like the Rotary, Elks, etc.. Then again there is places that could always use volunteers like the library, local food banks. If you go on line I bet you would be able to find a volunteer support group. Our area has one and they match people looking for something to do with groups that need help. That way you can go and meet new friends and help out in your community at the same time.

    Even if you are shy, this way you do something to occupy your time and may make a friend or two in the process.

    Good Luck.

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    Something similar happened to me, I run about with him right thru school and up to we where about 18. We didn't fall out I think it's a case of people change and our lives take different directions. I've seen him a few time in the bar and had a chat with him but we'll never be that close again. I think the main thing would be not to read to much into it and get out and meat new people

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    I have the same problem. Through counseling I've found that it's something called a "schemer." It's one of the main ones people have. Feeling like you don't fit in. That you're boring, unlikable and people avoid you. Unfortunately it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    I know it's hard, and I haven't done it myself, but have you talked to your friends about it?

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    some times you just have to make the extra effort especially with friends, since we don't know all the prior details of the situation the only advice i would truly be able to give would be to try talking to your friends a bit more. since your shy i Know this might take a bit of getting use to but you have to try a bit harder. try talking on the phine when you know there off work, that will help you at least gain some footing.

    good luck,

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    I also hang out with different people. That's why I joined the local volunteer fire brigade. New people of all different ages from 16 - 80. Always someone understanding and good to talk to. Plus you do things together. (The shared danger element helps too)

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    I've heard a lot of times friends in high school drift separate ways afterwards because all their situations are so different. I heard somewhere (and I wish I knew the source) that non-close friends that people have are "replaced" by other friends about every 7 years. Your profile says that you're 19, so it's likely that a lot of them have found new groups of friends since it's been... well, about 7 years since 6th grade.

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    The trouble with school friends is that often the main thing you have in common with them is know, what's going on socially at school. I think plenty of people just move on after school. When you get involved in stuff that your really interested in and meet like minded people, you start to make some solid connections. Maybe you should take a course or something, maybe in drawing since you like that....then you can create some new relationships. Main thing is, you do have to put yourself out there somehow.

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