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    I was just curious as to what kind of AB/DL related dreams everyone has had in there sleep. So feel free to post your favorite, weirdest, etc. AB/DL dreams you have had before.

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    Rather than typing out the details again, I'll just post a link to the blog entry about the strongest AB dream I've ever had:

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    I had a dream once that I was Diapered and babied by my boss. Lol

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    My weirdest one was: my wife and I had gone to some Bed and Breakfast Inn. For some reason, I was wearing my cloth diaper and plastic pants (probably because I was sleeping in one at the time). Somewhere in the dream, I left my room and went to the Inn's laundry room to wash my diapers. To make matters even weirder, I was only wearing a cloth diaper and plastic pants. When I went into the laundry room, there were a bunch of women doing laundry and they all started laughing at me.

    The next thing I knew, I had left the laundry room and was walking down the hallway. I came to a set of stairs and start climbing up and up, until I finally came to the top floor. I open the door I and was in the 18th century and there were Revolutionary War soldiers standing about, and there was an entire scene from out of a history book. There were horses and a watering trough with some dead Redcoats in the trough and me still diapered. A soldier was talking to me and then I woke up with a gasp.

    Now I tend to have dreams where I'm home in the house, doing stuff but diapered.

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    Most of my dreams in general are really weird, so the ones with diapers in them are usually just par for the course. I guess my most common recurring one lands me wandering around in Walmart, trying not to get caught looking at the diapers. Then, I always get up the courage to go get some, and the dream ends. I've never bought any in real life before though, because I'm super paranoid about this all, so that's the why of those dreams for me.

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    I have plenty of diapered dreams...I think? Actually, I have absolutely no idea. The only dream I can remember having was about 50 years ago and it wasn't diaper related. Since then I don't remember my dreams for more than a few seconds after waking up.

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    Mine mostly involve me being babysat at two years old. I'm actually quite fond of that age because in that position I still need my babysitter for certain things, yet I can still do some stuff on my own. Typical routines ensue; nothing interesting.

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    Once had a dream my parents turned my room into a nursery. It started by my grandma giving me diapers that I wore. I then walked into my room and boom

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    I still have lots of dreams where I'm a kid, usually between 8 and 12... more recently I've had dreams about walking around in a Babies 'R' Us or a Buy Buy Baby store while padded and looking at various things...

    More recently I've been having a regressive nightmare, though it's not the typical "being caught" one that would be more reasonable to have. Nah, in this recurring dream I'm with a university adviser and they tell me that because of my behavioral issues in the past, I have to go back to a class I somehow skipped/failed when I was in 5th-8th grade. (The grade and class changes depending on the dream) I was bullied a lot during those years, so it's hard to have to go back to my "old school," even though the schools in my dreams are "artistically rearranged," have completely different teachers, or are a wacky conglomerate of various schools I've been to. I keep forgetting my locker combo and leaving books at home, stuff like that, which makes me look horribly incompetent.

    As the year's gone on this dream's gotten worse... at first I just had to be bussed to one class and sit there for an hour before resuming my regular college studies. Lately I've had to enroll in an entire YEAR of courses in these dreams, so I'm sitting through lessons I already know and kids are picking on me because I'm ten years older than them. Then I start getting into arguments that I can never win, and end up humiliated. I'm more forgetful in these recent dreams: I can't remember which class comes first that day and so I have to walk to each room it might be and look inside, which of course makes everyone in the room stare at me. Either way I end up late to the class. Sometimes the closest bathrooms are locked and I have to walk all the way to another end of the school, only to find that there's a huge line, and I miss the rest of my class.

    Many times in the dreams it's finals week. While there aren't many finals I am unprepared for IRL, in these dreams I've completely forgotten to study, forgotten to turn in the dozens of required reading assignments that were due that day because I kept putting them off... a few times I forgot that I had a class entirely because it was early in the morning and had to run to the professor in a run down old library building to apologize, and he says something like, "Well there's no reason to come asking for make-up work now. The semester's over. You'll have to retake it next year because it's not available next semester."

    Most recently it's been the night before finals week and I realize there's a bunch of work I put off. It's horrible... I'm really a bad procrastinator but I've been working on it a lot lately, so these dreams are just awful. Always wake up and immediately run over in my mind what classes I have, only to realize I'm on summer break...

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    I have lots of diapered dreams haha.... what I find curious is almost everyone else in my dreams is unaware or doesn't care that I'm wearing a very obvious diaper.... everyone else but me that is, and usually I'm freaked out that I'm in these situations. The hilarious thing is that I'm always stressing about concealing them or looking for excuses.
    I guess in some ways it's a no brainer....I'm obviously concerned about being found out. oh well, whatever.... the dreams are nice

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