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Thread: NorthShore Boosters question

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    Default NorthShore Boosters question

    I was just curious if anyone has every tried the NorthShore Care Boosters? These are the ones I'm talking about:

    I'm looking to try some new boosters and I like the fact that these are a good price, hold a good amount, and have adhesive on the back side.

    Whats everyones opinions?

    Thanks for the any advice I can get on boosters

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    I have been using them. They pretty much add enough to absorb another wetting or 2. They don't get bulky or anything which is why I like them.

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    Love em. Go for it! I've not had any luck with them helping for my side sleeping, but love them for the added bulk.

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    Thanks for the advice so far, I really appreciate it! Should I stick to the sizing guide on that page? I usually wear a medium diaper so should I just stick with the medium booster?

    The other boosters I was looking at possibly are the Abena Abri-Let Maxi. Which ones out of these two do you guys think are better? (The only thing deterring me from the abenas is that they dont have an adhesive backing)

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