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    I had a funny dream i thought i would share. I dreamed that I was walking around in a t-shirt and diaper, and that I walked into an ice cream shop where a nice girl served me ice cream(there was pecan and also peanut butter that i was looking at), then I stuck around for a while and hung out with her while other people were acting all awkward about me being in the shop in my diaper. For some reason I didn't have anywhere to stay the night and so I slept in this shop till morning, as she had let me stay there, but the next day nobody came to the shop to buy ice cream, apparently they had all been annoyed about me wearing a t-shirt and diaper, all except this nice girl that had sort of taken care of me.

    Not sure what it all means, but it was curious.

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    Hell! I would have bought some ice cream. You should copy and paste this to the dream thread that is ongoing. If you go to edit you should be able to copy.

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