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    So this topic has been brought up before but I feel like the answers were all miss mashed among other stuff and I want some clear answers which I'm hoping y'all have some experience with.

    So I told my girlfriend, now fiancÚ about my diaper fetish and she seemed to accept it for a while until recently. About a month ago we moved in together and I guess now that she is seeing me in diapers more often, I can tell she is not as accepting about it as she once was. Obviously this will take time and of course I want her to feel comfortable with it but we got to talking last night and this is what she expressed to me..

    My fiancÚ feels that when I wear diapers its because she is not "enough"for me and I need the diapers to compensate for it. Now my issue with this is that yes diapers are a sexual part of my life but in no way are they more important then she is.

    How can I explain to her that they are just a comfort item and that while I like to wear them as often as I can, they are no replacement for her. Ive tried to give them up but as you all know that is almost impossible. I am willing to limit my diaper wearing as much as I can, but is there any way I can explain this fetish to her without hurting her feelings and making her feel less important?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Tell her that you are marrying her because the diapers are not "enough" for you to feel happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungZeppelin View Post
    Tell her that you are marrying her because the diapers are not "enough" for you to feel happy.
    Well....that's actually a very good answer. I think that what you are experiencing is very normal behavior for the spouse. It's one thing to think about it and quite another to live with it. You said that you've limited your diaper wearing and so I'm assuming that you may only wear to bed a few nights a week. To me, that seems like a good compromise. What would make this work is communication, telling her exactly what YoungZeppelin said. You may have to explain again that this is a mental and emotional quirk that can't go away, but that you are willing to make concessions to limit your wearing because it's your spouse whom you love.

    I would also explain that Infantalism isn't something that is love oriented, but something linking to love mapping. You might want to go to Wikipedia and look up Paraphilia Infantalism and Love Mapping so you know what you're talking about. It will be, in my opinion, very useful information.

    I hope the two of you can come together on this. Everyone has some sort of quirk, and wanting to wear diapers is yours. The both of you can make compromises and work this out. Plenty of other couple, myself included, have. Good luck.

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    Explain to her that it's unreasonable for anyone (or anything) to be the only thing you need to be happy. She's a big part of that, but diapers are also a significant part of it. It's not a contest, and it's not a choice. It's a mix.

    A simple response we came up with in a previous thread on same topic was this: "you wear makeup because it makes you feel good. I wear diapers because they make me feel good. I would never ask you to stop doing something that makes you happy, that would be selfish of me. Can't you do the same for me?"

    If she can't, it won't work out for the two of you in the long run anyway. It'll be something else. And something else. And something else, until it becomes too much.

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    This sex-toy review site "oh joy sex toy" managed to explain this matter perfectly. I'd link it, but I am unsure if it is PG-13 or not.. I think it is but ehhhh erring on the safer side for now.

    As others said, it's basically not to be perceived as something to make the glass fuller but more like filling up another cup and making the relationship even better. Some have a hobby of building toy trains, some keep reptiles and some wear diapers. We all have our own weird little things.

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    I told my fiance as well and at first she said I could do it just not around her, so I did just that until I very gradually talked her round to it. I now wear in bed sometimes but I dont push it and I took the time to also find out what she likes so we can take turns etc. Just slow down and include her and do things for her as well. One other thing... When you're wearing for sexual reasons with her include her in the process and assure her that it wss her that made you get off etc not the diapees

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