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Thread: Your humour

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    Default Your humour

    What is your sense of humour:

    What do you find funny?
    What do you do to make others laugh?
    What do you hate?

    Humour is subjective, and what one person finds an absolute delight, an other does not understand (or understands but gains no sense of "that's funny" from it).

    I like exaggerations for example, which is why I enjoy the odd cartoon (particularly when emotion is conveyed through exaggeratory behaviour).

    I like 'sick' humour too, the kind of thing that makes you laugh because you know you shouldn't.

    I don't know the word for one of my favourites though...
    Non sequitur!

    How about you?

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    I love dark comedy. The mix of tragedy and comedy is just awesome. I make other people laugh by... Well, I'm not surrounded by geniuses, you see.

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    I like to laugh at others expense. Laughing at other people is just great.

    Oh, and I like laughing at myself, too. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    What is your sense of humour:...

    I like 'sick' humour too, the kind of thing that makes you laugh because you know you shouldn't.
    Non sequitur!

    How about you?

    Just the other day I laughed aloud about a news story I read about a guy who died from exposure to the cold weather while he was out sleep-walking at night, they followed his foot-prints in the snow and found his body several hundred feet from his home. I know it was inappropriate and wrong to laugh about his unfortunate death, and I do feel sorry for him, his family, and his friends; but at the time I read the story, I could not help myself from laughing at the absurdity. It just struck me funny that even the extreme cold temperatre did not wake him up in time for him to save his own life.

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    I don't know, random and sudden things (i.e. Family Guy, Team Roomba, MGS easter eggs...), but I hardly laughter like a maniac (but some Will Ferrell's films make my day). I sometimes act WAY too immature/retarded to make my friends laugh, I'm not like that tho, I'm the serious one in the bunch. What I hate is when someone picks on someone else, let's say, because this guy has a deformation somewhere in his body and this other guy picks on him, I seriously hate that. There's humour on it a couple of times but constantly is just frustrating, I also hate when people are show-offs, once in a while's ok because, maybe the person in question is excited I don't know, but everyeffingtime is a no-no.

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    Kinda hard to say really. Overexagerations, "point out funny stuff if everyday life you've never noticed", and just.... well, funny stuff. I don't think there's any set humour style that's the best, since I can see the funny side to pretty much anything.

    However, Take for example shows like "Arrested development" and "Curb your enthusiasm". That shit is *not* funny.

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    Dark...Sarcastic...Other random things...I like Arrested Development (never seen Curb your Enthusiasm) unlike Kraiden D:

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    I have kind of evil humour...I'll basically laugh at anything that involves people hurting...even though that's kind of horrible... yet I'll laugh at anything.

    As for things that won't make me laugh...nothing really. I can laugh at mostly anything, even if it isn't that funny.

    Only thing I do to make others laugh is tickle them

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    Cynical / absurd / Odd look at the ordinary / word plays - twists. George Carlin, Robin Williams, Larson (Far Side)
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    I think stupid, random, jackass like stuff is funny as hell.

    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedbabygirl View Post
    Only thing I do to make others laugh is tickle them
    Grr...I'm like extremely ticklish. Evey part of my body is ticklish in one way or another.

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