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Thread: Just when I thought I was out...

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    Default Just when I thought I was out...

    ...they pull me back in. Yup. Back in diapers after almost a year. I'd been living on my own for quite sometime. Even when money was tight, I'd still manage to keep a substantial supply of diapers and, being that I lived alone, hiding them was never an issue. Well, I decided to come back home and go back to school. Last October, I moved in with my aunt to save on living expenses. I had put it in my head that as long as I'd be living with her, or anyone else for that matter, I'd have to forget about wearing diapers altogether. In a way, I was sort of trying to "kick the habit". Maybe its the guilt instilled from being brought up in such a conservative family, or feeling like the diapers were filling a void from not being in a relationship, but I felt like I had to let them go. Like Ed Wood says in "Glen or Glenda", I thought I could stop wearing these things. I tried. Honest, I tried. But, earlier in the week, I found myself ordering some off xp medical. I don't really have the budget right now, so I thought some sample packs of Tena Slip Maxi and Dry 24/7's wouldn't hurt. Then, immediately, I emailed them and told them to reverse the charges; that I'd made a mistake. I was feeling guilty about spending that much money on something I really don't need, but really want. Then, today my aunt went out of town for the weekend, and I broke down on the way home from work (even left the office early) and I stopped by a pharmacy; they seem to have somewhat better quality than the chain stores. I was just looking for a generic, but when I saw they had Molicare, I just had to have them. They're not even my favorite brand; I've always preferred the aforementioned Tena Slip Maxi, ABU Super Dry Kids and Cushies. So, now I find myself in diapers after almost a year. What a strange coincidence that its SIDF! I hadn't even paid attention to that b/c I hadn't visited this site in all this time. That's how much I wanted to let diapers go. I really thought I could leave behind what I tried telling myself was an addiction, but in truth is a lifelong fetish. I remember loving the feel of diapers far back into my childhood. My mom was nice enough to periodically buy me Huggies, the old-school plain white plastic backing, when I was in elementary. When I couldn't fit into them anymore, she'd buy me adult diapers; that was up until I got into junior high, when she put her foot down and said enough was enough; that I had to grow up. I'd still sneak some of my younger siblings diapers, or buy myself some adult brand when I could; that went through even into college, until the internet made me aware of sites like XP medical or ABU. Admittedly, it's more sexual than anything else, but nevertheless I've always loved wearing them. All this time, the thoughts of how great they feel would creep in and out of my head. I don't know that these feelings will ever go away. But, for now, I'm just enjoying them again after so long. How long have you gone without wearing diapers and why? How did it feel when you finally put them back on? Or, do you not wear them anymore but visit this site for support?

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    Default this point in my life, the longest I go is when one of our kids and family come home to visit. Christmas break is usually the longest, and then I'm darn glad to get back into them.

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    I can go for months without wearing diapers and sometimes I can't go for more than a day, it all depends. When I don't wear, it’s not because I am trying to give it up (I have never tried that), it's just that I either don't think about it or it is too inconvenient to wear, in other words, my adult life gets in the way at times.

    After a long break, the feeling of wearing a good diaper is very satisfying.

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    For me it's been about 2 months at the moment, with I'd say about another 2 to go before I can at least even consider getting back into things. Back home from uni for the summer period so, living with my parents during this time I certainly can't really do anything. Once I get back I'll be in a new house with new people this year, as the friends I was living with the last couple of years have finished now (I'm doing an extra year compared to them) so I'll need to time to scout out if I have the privacy etc before I can decide. So hopefully as short as possible for me.

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    It varies. Like BabyDenise, I can sometimes go weeks or months without wearing and sometimes I can't go a day without it. Sometimes life gets in the way. I've never tried giving them up it's just either I am too busy or can't afford them but when I can, I am so happy.

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    I'll never try to "kick the habit" again. I tried to at age 19 for about a year. On my 20th birthday I spoiled myself with a case of bambinos and thought "oh what the hell, might as well give a pacifier a try" and bought one of those too. Probably the best birthday week ever and it felt so good after the long break. Now I wear as often as I can, at least two nights a week usually. But less during the summer, simply because it's so darn hot! xP Plus, diapers go best with footie pj's and cuddles anyway.

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    Lol. I've worn a diaper twice in my life. Both within two weeks of eachother two summers ago. so yeah I've never really done much. I've worn homemade ones but they aren't very good.

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    I've gone a year without diapers (well, technically sixteen between potty training and buying them as an adult, but not counting that). In my case, I stopped because of a moral conviction that wearing diapers was wrong. And I was able to go that long without questioning it. Of course, I eventually asked, "So, why is this wrong again?" And that was the beginning of the end...well, actually, it was making the conscious decision not to let diapers be in control, but to be in control of them myself. Since that year-long pause, I've consistently had diapers, and not gone more than about a week without them.

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    I pretty much can't stand the thought of taking them off for very long. I do not think I will ever run out. If I do I have cloth. I do go a few days between wettings a lot though. I wet for the Friday holiday and today only a few drops. Before that it may have been 5 days since I wet at work last Sunday.

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    I don't think I would be able to stand to go without diapers. I tried that two years ago just to save money and all it did was I felt worse at work while I was going through lot of stress.

    But I have gone without diapers in my childhood and teen years if that counts. I wasn't wearing any then and I felt ashamed so i thought I could just get over it by not letting myself like it or want to do it. But I can go a few hours without or a day if I have to knowing it's temporary and if I am airing out. I keep my diapers stocked and I have cloth ones.

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