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Thread: Kolibri Comslip

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    Default Kolibri Comslip

    Not often I rave about a diaper/nappy but OMG Kolibri Comslip are the most absorbent and reliable diaper I have ever tried.

    Pure white crinkly plastic, elastic on the back, leakage guards, thick and they SWELL UP and retain like you would actually want a diaper to.

    For me they were extremely comfortable, easy to fit with super strong double tapes..... This could be a dream diaper for me if it had a taping panel rather than a double tape system but it is still 95% percent perfect IMO.

    Also I had to post about this as I have strong memories of a vivid dream I had in primary school pretty much after I first discovered the existence of disposables... In my dream my father picked me up from school (rare event) and presented me with some disposables that were plastic backed, smooth and quite stiff to the feel of them (a dream feeling that has never left me)... This is exactly the feel of the Kolibri Comslip.

    Putting on my first one left me feeling shaky from the tactile memories of a dream... Spooky and exciting.

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    Aww that's wonderful! I'm glad you found your fave nappy and got such a good experience from it!

    I am about to order sanples of the Kolibri Comslip Supra and Plus, too!

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    I think they are from Germany, I got them from an ebay user in Australia.

    They really are just so lovely I never want to wear anything else again!

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    Yup! I agree! These Kolibri Comslips are wonderful! Im wearing one at the moment and I especially like how these crinkles and swells up, not to mention how comfy these feel to wear Oh well, I think that its time for a change after a soggy nite and stinky morning ->

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    I can say these are some GREAT products *_* I ordered both cloth- and plastic covered Kolibris and really loving them <3

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    Yes those are great, also if you order from Germany try the ID Expert super folie, that one is also realy good, the tapes are so strong you will never experience a lose tape again (the plastic gives away before the tape and that takes a lot of force before it happens)

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    That's nice. I've ordered them from save express a few years ago and they were greenish with a cloth like backing. The tapes had this elastic bit that always tore off during the night.
    I may even try ordering some again

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    I take it the ones I got are Kolibri Comslip ultra being white plastic backed with a very plain white package?

    I did a little bit of web surfing after reading about green ones that are cloth like backed and I see they have plus (are these blue?), special (lilac?) and supra (green?) but now really lost as to what product is plastic backed, what product is cloth-like backed and what colour and absorbency each of them are... Anyone know??

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