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    Hey DL's has anyone used the hypnosis cd's and had them work?

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    I love to listen to those files, but I don't know what you mean by "working" could you elaborate? What is your goal?

    I'm into hypnosis anyway, not only ABDL stuff

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    I hypnotized myself to wet uncontrollably on a mental cue (the end of a countdown), but I feel like it would be more fun having someone else give a verbal cue.

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    I have a cd to make me pee only with a diapee on. I used it for awhile but I didnt think it worked so I stopped

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    I wrote a funny Halloween story about hypnosis CDs called "The Un-training of Stanley Kaminski". It's in our story forum on one of the back pages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffyboy View Post
    I have a cd to make me pee only with a diapee on. I used it for awhile but I didnt think it worked so I stopped
    is that the one on ebay

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    Hypnosis was successful for me but I choose the hypnosis that is actually going to work. Trigger words and changing the complete way of you thinking to be a baby is not going to work. Neither is anything that you really don't want to happen. However, hypnosis made it easier for me to pee without noticing it too much. I even managed to make myself comfortable enough that I wet the bed a couple of times. It won't work in isolation but will help you feel comfortable enough to let things happen more if that's what you really want. Listening often is important.

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