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Thread: Web design.

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    Question Web design.

    Hey guys and gals,

    I am wanting to make a website for a home based business.

    I will be doing clothing from baby sizes to adult baby sizes for us on the other side of the world where it cost's a far wack to buy in body suits etc.

    I was just wondering if anybody would be able to help me start the site up?


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    Unfortunately I can't really offer my services, but I can give you some advice for going forward:

    Whomever you get to build your website, make sure they set you up with content management system (CMS) that you feel comfortable working with. I know a lot of people who get a beautiful website built for them, but it's all hard coded and dropped onto a server, which means that unless you have substantial web experience, you're still dependent on the designer to update it for you. A CMS is a program that lets you easily add and remove material from the site, that way you only need someone to get you set up and then you can take over yourself.

    For this reason, I'd recommend using something like WordPress, which is open source and can be downloaded for your own personal use. You can use WordPress as a platform for building an maintaining a website. Alternatively, WordPress also offers pre-built themes that you can simply drop your information into. If you're looking for something even more user friendly, and especially if you decide you want to build it yourself, look into Weebly. Weebly is entirely web-based (you can't download any program or do any offline work) and has fewer features than WordPress, but they have presets for storefront websites that make it really easy to get started. They also offer reasonable prices for hosting and domain name registration.

    You'll also want someone to help you out with search engine optimization (SEO) if you're running a business. Basically, these are techniques to make sure your site is easy to find on Google etc., which is a huge factor in whether people visit and patronize your site.

    Finally, make sure you ask your designer about a mobile-friendly design, since mobile browsing is such a big thing now. WordPress and Weebly both have built-in mobile designs if you use one of their pre-built themes.

    Good luck!

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    I totally agree with the advice above. Another good alternative is I created some sites in it and it could not be easier.

    Be sure though to get your requirements listed first before making a choice. Things like cost effective on-line payments and shipping can make a big difference for your web shop. So the fastest and cheapest solutions are not necessarily the best. When you are looking for a developer or designer I can recommend

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    You might want to consider using a service like Etsy to sell stuff from. It's easier to use something that's already there than trying to build a website from scratch.

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    WordPress is an amazing platform, and the WooCommerce plugin is ideal for selling things online. There are many WordPress themes with WooCommerce compatibility built in. It may have more of a learner curve than Wix or Weebly, but in the end you can do so much more.

    For an inexpensive price, I can offer my web services and help you get set up. Message me if interested.

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    I would be happy to do it for free. I'm looking to practice my skills and I would have no problem helping you get it off the ground. Message me if you are interested

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