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    I'm almost 19 years old, and due to financial instability I'm stuck at my parents house for an indefinite amount of time. The thing is, I've got my mom and dad who barge into my room on a constant basis. They're very nice people, but they're way over bearing. They're always offering to take my dirty clothes to the laundry room or bringing them back, and to be honest, I'd rather do my own laundry. I just don't have the guts to tell them that I'm fine and I can do it myself. The thing is, while they're doing all these kind things for me, it also requires they invade the little privacy I have. I'm an AB/DL of course. They don't know about that, but they do know I sleep in footie pajamas and sleep with MLP plushies. They just think it's some weird thing I like. I'd love to have more privacy to bring home diapers and other babyish supplies. I'm also in college, and they insist I stay here and finish, without a job. My door does have a lock, but they unlock it by sticking their fingernails into the door and unlocking it. They give me money quite a bit to spend on myself, which again, I couldn't be more thankful for, but what do you guys think? How could I possibly get more privacy for myself so I can do more of my AB/DL things without having the constant worry of being discovered by my parents?

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    Have you asked them for more privacy? What would they say if you did? I lived with my parents until I was 28 and had very little privacy as well. Fortunately they worked so when I had a day off, I had the house to myself. But, I never really had true privacy until I moved out. Unless you tell them that you would like more privacy, they may not give you any.

    Otherwise, since they are doing so many nice things for you like paying for your education, my advice is to enjoy the gifts they are giving you - education, food, laundry, etc. and enjoy what little AB/DL time you have when you can. Some day you'll be independent with your own place and be able to do whatever you want whenever you want!

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    Right now it might just be my stupid emotions talking.

    But I say do whatever AB/DL stuff you want in your room. If they find out about it by snooping, then they'll realize why you need privacy. I don't think many of us seen people be kicked out just because they wore a diaper again. Of course, you might not want them to know but if your fed up with no privacy might be time to question if you even care anymore.

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    I can definitely understand how you feel. My parents and older sister give me some privacy, but then they complain about me having my door shut a lot. They sometimes may even randomly open it. Unfortunately, my door lock doesn't work.

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    They're doing a lot to help you out, so if they consider it important to be able to come into your room sometimes, I'd ultimately defer to them and get your college education done. A little more waiting won't kill you.

    That said, a simple conversation where you highlight what you'd like and ask them about it could do wonders. Ask politely and at a good time. A good way to go about it is to start out by asking if they have time to stop what they're doing and just talk for a few minutes, so they're in the mindset to pay attention and be receptive. Then you just tell them that you'd sometimes like a little more privacy and to take on a little more responsibility for your own things: you want to do your own laundry, keep your room clean, make your bed, and you'd also like it if they only came into your room after knocking and getting your permission. Then stop, and wait for what they have to say.

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    My mom regularly went through my stuff. It was pretty frustrating.

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    I'm afraid this is all part of the rite of passage. We've all gone through it. I had the attic in my parent's house, yet my mom was very strict with me. I suppose I had given them just reason, like setting their garage on fire when I was 12. Even with being able to hide stuff under the insulation in the eaves of the attic, she still found my diapers and blew a gasket.

    Like others have said, you have to choose your opportunities. I would wait until my parents were gone for a few hours and then use what ever I had available, even if it was underwear. Once I graduated and had my first job, living on my own, I had the freedom to buy and wear diapers. Sometimes you just have to wait it out.

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    I haven't had the 'rents walk in on me in dipies yet, but my Mom once walked in on me having "adult pleasure" time with myself... fortunately I was able to throw a blanket over myself before she opened the door all the way. She started giving me a list of chores to do, then looked over at me and said, "Aaaaand... you're having 'personal time' aren't you?" I said "Yes. Yes I am. Please leave." She was more embarrassed about walking in on me than about me doing it.

    But I think me in diapers and sucking on a paci would cause them to think something was developmentally wrong...

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