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    While talking about camping with Typhahare I thought I better change it to a topic.

    So, who enjoys camping or going really out of the way places away from society?

    As I said to Hare, my favourite place is the desert. Places only accessible by a good four wheel drive or motorbikes. Places where there aren't any people for 200km in either direction.

    Extremes make it that much more authentic for me. And cooking on the fire is great. The Aboriginal people near where used to live taught me to cook on the fire and I can cook meat on the coals and make damper (bread). What was really cool though was looking for honey ants. They have big bums full of honey and taste delicious. This is the kind of area I went camping and I know 2 of these people from when I used to live near there.

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    SNIFF SNIFF did someone say CAMPING?!

    I'm on the other end of this camping experience - extreme cold (if you think between -10C and -30C extreme). Right now we're suffering a heat wave of +30C so it's been awesome hiking around! Waiting for the winter though since I haven't tested out the local campsite (just moved here).
    Funnilly enough, even though I have slept in a pile of snow once, the worst cold I ever sufferred was -4C, in full clothes, in a GOOD sleeping bag and in a tent! It was just regular fall weather too. I kept wishing to fall asleep so I could not feel the cold anymore - to no avail lol ;_;

    Man, I'd love to taste one of them honey-bum ants! Even tho I'm vegan I'd try it once at least!
    Australia anyway must be amazing to experience in the wilderness! All those cool bugs, too!

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    I prefer moderate weather in a forest near the ocean, but I don't mind winter camping/backacking. I've never camped in a desert before . I have camped on Mt. Whitney, where I could see Death Valley in the distance. Amazing view. The stars were unbelievable.

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    Love all the bugs you see ... except the mosquitoes and the flies.

    So you prefer to hike out or drive out? What's the longest you've gone out for?

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    Yeah, I love bugs but I do draw the line on them feeding on my blood/flesh O_O!

    I spent one summer in a tent. When it was time to go to school, I would put the tent on my backyard and go to school from there lol.

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