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    Default Diaper reviews YouTube channel

    I was looking around on YouTube and found this channel. He gives reviews of diapers and does absorbency tests.

    Best diaper I've seen him review so far is Absorbency Plus A+ by XP Medical that can hold up to 10lbs!

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    I love watching his youtube channel. I think he gives great and accurate feedback about diapers and other related products. It's also nice how he tries brands that are not just premium diapers but ones that are more easily accessible.

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    I've watched some of these before. He always seems to do his reviews in the weirdest places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inJontinent View Post
    I've watched some of these before. He always seems to do his reviews in the weirdest places.
    Count me among his fans. I think he must work the night shift at some kind of plant or industrial facility. He clearly works alone, or nearly so, giving him the time and the privacy to do these tests and videos. The beginning and closing shots look to be done in a locker room, making it easy for him to change. The information he provides, while usually subjective, is helpful and has helped me decide which diapers to try and which to avoid. My new favorite pull-ups, for instance, the Tena Men underwear, I checked out there first.


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