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    So here I am on this forum again.
    I joined here about a year ago since I got really into diapers but after a month or so the interest simply disappeared and so did my account.

    I am 18 years old and I've been DL and a little bit of AB for as long as I can remember.
    I have memories of soiling myself on purpose quite a lot during the transition from diapers (Poor mom and dad ) since I liked it but eventually I gave in to the fact that "big boy underwear" is what everybody uses.
    Since then the interest was laid on ice until about age 9-10.
    When I played with myself (No, no that way) I remember how I sometimes pretended to be a baby getting changed and all that kind of stuff.

    But it wasn't until when I really hit puberty around 14 that I went all the way.
    As much as I would have loved to wear real diapers I was too scared to buy them because I didn't want my parents to find out so instead I "simulated" diapers with every thing you could imagine.
    What I finally settled for was a special kind of towel we had that felt really diaper-ish which I used quite often both to just wear but also to soil.

    I kept doing that until I stopped when I also stopped hanging on this forum a year ago.
    My current attitude towards diapers and ABDL in general is that I don't find it crucial to exercise this fetish on a daily basis anymore on my own but I'd sure be open to to do it in say a future relationship or something like that, that would be really awesome.
    If it was more socially accepted I would put on a diaper 24/7 but as it stands it's sadly not very accepted at all.

    As to why I registered on this forum again is to discuss the fetish/lifestyle or whatever you'd like to call it and see where it takes me.
    The community here is also awesome in general outside of the ABDL-stuff and that's a big factor as well

    In my free time I like to learn new stuff about computers and help friends with computer problems.
    My dream job is to work in some kind of computer support company but not through telephone but rather to build computers for people and repair computers.

    See you on the forums!

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    Welcome back! I'm new here and thus group of people is incredible. Hope you have a good experience! I find it so nice to have a place to read and post without judgement and be among people who share a love of diapers, whether they're gay, straight, bi, asexual or what have you

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