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Thread: What is the best diaper?

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    Default What is the best diaper?

    What is the best diaper to purchase for best look and feel like a real toddler diaper?

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    Get something really thick that you can plaster with babyish sticker designs! They sell special tape for the front panel, even! Comficare 10 is pretty thick!
    Though they are adult diapers for incontinence and have two tapes instead of one unlike real baby diapers.Some need that for authentic feel.

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    Well I was hoping people would post names of diapers and links so I could get some info?

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    Picky picky

    Comficare M10:
    Tena Slip Maxi:

    Those are my fav adult diapers, which can be "babied up" with cute stickers. Don't know where to get specifically ABDL themed diaper tape in America since I live in Europe, but you could use some search engine for that.

    Here's a website for specifically adult baby diaper products;

    Ps. I just noticed you have not made an introduction post yet! Please do make one here:

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    I am a fan of both the Abena M4 and Molicare super - both are almost impossible to flood. The Dry 24/7 is a little ridged but seems to always result in a we diaper when I wake up - which doesn't always happen with other brands. Maybe it's just me.

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    Just thought I'd add. I've found that buying tena slip online you'll end up with the cloth ones.

    If that isn't an issue for you, I'd opt for ultima over maxi, they're obviously more absorbant, and are white rather than having the purple stripe on the maxi.

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    how do abu chusies, aww so cute, and cuddlez diapers compare to icontience diapers like abena, molicare, and tena

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    Bambino Bellissimos. Super thick, super avsorbant and has a childish design on the front panel. Love em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BouncyBoy View Post
    Bambino Bellissimos. Super thick, super avsorbant and has a childish design on the front panel. Love em.
    If I see one more bellissimo, I am going straight to target and ordering a pack. Thats a torture word because I REALLY wanna try them.

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