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Thread: Back to School Tax Free Holiday Includes Diapers

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    Default Back to School Tax Free Holiday Includes Diapers

    Live in Florida? Or maybe another state that has a brief tax-free holiday for back to school sales? My mother-in-law, of all people, told my wife that I need to buy my diapers August 1st - 3rd because they would be tax exempt. Hmmmm...really? Well, I just checked on Florida's official Department of Revenue site and she's right. Adult diapers are included in back to school sales.

    Now I get most of my diapers online and, therefore, they usually are not taxed anyway (although Amazon has begun taxing online items in a number of states, including Florida). However, in the summer, I go through a fair number of Depends pull-ups, which you can get just about everywhere. Suffice to say, I'll be buying more diapers over the next few days. So if you live under Lord Voldemort and can stomach the store brands, I suggest stocking up.

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    Hmmm very interesting, I'll have to look into this. Thanks for the heads up. Wonder if CO, is included. Don't think it is, but ya never know

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    I know Texas has theirs Aug 8-11. A lot of clothing is included but I don't know about adult diapers. I'm like Spaz I get mine online.

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    I just found out yesterday, that Missouri has a tax-free couple of days as well. I just moved here to St. Louis almost 4 months ago, and had to go buy a crockpot yesterday and found out about it at target. I don't see why adult diapers would not be included, because they are an essential everyday item to a lot of different people.

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