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    Default Greetings!

    Hello everyone!

    I was really excited when I found this site as it really seems to have a supportive and mature community. It's been really nice reading through all of the great posts about people discovering themselves and finding so much commonality between my experiences growing up and everyone else's.

    I myself, made peace with this fetish about 8 years ago and have since been working to better my understanding of it and incorporate it into more of my daily life since it brings me so much happiness. So far, I have had 2 successful relationships with being open about this fetish and 1 that crumbled as a result of it.

    The main impediment to enjoying it at the moment is that I am currently a professional in the middle of my career. For a long time now, my job's have interfered with my ability to enjoy the fetish due to challenging work conditions and a very intense schedule. My job is sort of my life at the moment, which leaves very little time for much else. AB/DL for me then is a great way to unwind and keep my sanity during the harder pushes. I also really enjoy all there is to do in the outdoors of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, boardgaming with friends and traveling the world.

    It can be very challenging and alienating being in such a small minority like we are, but the internet has changed that for the better forever and I look forward to taking part in it with as many people as possible to help further quell that sense of being different or "Wrong".

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    Hello Arthis and welcome to the group.

    Yes I agree that there is few places as lovely as the northwest.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthis View Post
    I was really excited when I found this site as it really seems to have a supportive and mature community.
    Welcome, Arthis; "supportive and mature" (but not pornagraphic) is ADISC's stock in trade, as it were. It's always nice to have yet one more person that gets that around.

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    Welcome! The stress of being in a professional career can be overwhelming. I never could have done it without a family. I hope you can get into a stable relationship to support you in person. This support system wasn't possible when I was your age. The internet has changed so much.

    So, whatever and however we can support you, just know we're here!

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    Welcome indeed! Looks like you will fit in very well around here. We certainly appreciate people who get what this site is about. I was also over the moon when I found it.

    I can sympathise/identify with the whole career issue. My main issue was being able to balance being a DL with so-called "normal" life. If you have made your piece with this already then you are a long way to achieving a balance that we all need.

    You say that you enjoy playing board games. My tastes in that area are quite traditional: chess, backgammon and Scrabble. What are your favourites?

    I look forward to seeing your contribution on the site.


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