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Thread: Searching for a comic!

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    Default Searching for a comic!

    Years ago I read this comic with an anthro teen boy whos parents left him alone in the house for a couple of days.
    Then he goes to a local pharmacy, buys some diapers and pedals it back home with his bicycle, while being super into it, thinking "Like a ninja, I make my escape" etc..
    At home he reaches into his secret stash of baby stuff, diapers himself up and screams out loud "I'm in diapersss!!!"
    He then plays some old video games on NES in full baby gear, and the comic gets a bit sexual..

    It ends with him opening up a can of soda, thinking "Mission accomplished.." real smarmy like!

    Back at the time when I read it I found it to be bizzarre! But now I reeeeaaally would like to read it again.

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    Can't help with the comic but I know the frustration of trying to re-find something that you vaguely remember from years ago and suddenly have an interest in.

    Happens all the time to me with movies/songs/books/tv shows/stories/etc.

    I wish you luck

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    The frustrating part is that I actually remember it very vividly! I even remember it was on it's own site instead of deviantart etc..

    But yeah I'll keep looking, if I find it i'll link it here!

    EDIT! I actually found it!! It's Playtime by Cargo Weasel :3! I won't link it here after all since it was much more adult than I remembered, but yeah.
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    Just looked it up cute comic and pretty close to how some would do it too

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    Yeah, it had something very real to it, slice-of-life. I like that feel to a comic!

    But it indeed is pretty much autobiographical so no wonder :3!

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    Yeah, hit close to home on what I've had to do a few times... tho I'm not sure I've ever been aroused by simply putting on a diaper like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siddy View Post
    Just looked it up cute comic and pretty close to how some would do it too
    *Off-topic statement* I love your commission comics and siddy

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    Wait a minute I just realized who Siddy is, because he was recently in a series of comics by Toddlergirl! I guess I have to pay closer attention to the avatars in this section...

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    It's a comic by cargowezel on fa, it's in his main gallery, may take some time to find, but it's there.

    - - - Updated - - -

    This is it

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    Well that wasn't what i was expecting, i need a bottle and a long time to think about what i was doing back in '04 .

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