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    Normally I like Molicare since they are the thickest I can find but the waist band on them will stretch and never contract leaving you with a saggy diaper. I saw the Tena Supers and saw that they have a "cloth-like" outer layer. This would be great since it'd be quieter for public places and breath better.

    I got the pack the other day and I love these things. The tabs are infinitely adjustable (Velcro-ish rather than adhesive). Though no where near as thick as Molicare they are still fairly firm and give you a similar feel. Sides are a little flimsy though, so don't expect to be leak proof while laying on your side.

    I'll still use Molicare but this is a great alternative.

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    I have some of these also. I like how they are easily adjustable several times with the Velcro style tabs, but like you said the sides are flimsy. I've accidentally ripped a few tabs right off before when I wasn't careful enough. I also find that the Velcro tabs will sometimes move a little bit after applied, which loosens the diaper.

    They are alright for an occasional diaper, but they definitely aren't my favorite.

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