We figured out the source of the recent malware notices (members only link) that a few of you were getting, and you shouldn't be getting those anymore.

Unfortunately, there are still a few more things we (the staff) and you (our community) need to do, before everything is back to normal.

First, we're going to make everyone change their passwords in the near future. We haven't seen any evidence of account compromise, but we still feel it is better to be safe than sorry.

Second, we do ask you to make sure you have an antivirus installed (and running) on your home PC at all times. You can get a good free one at Avast.com. Those of you who followed a link from a search engine results page to ADISC in the last month or two may have been targeted by the malware, so, especially if you fall into that group, be sure to run a full system scan with at least one good antivirus tool.
Also, you really shouldn't use the same password on multiple websites. If you struggle to remember all your passwords, there are great password-management tools out there to help you. Just google "password management tool" to find them.

Third, since we'll be upgrading our software a fair bit, it is possible that some old features may go away, or start working differently, in the next few days. Some of you have already noticed that the URLs for much of the site, including forums and threads, have changed. This is part of a big technical effort on our side to get rid of old, outdated software, and generally minimize our vulnerability to this sort of attack in future. Unfortunately, in today's internet, cyberattacks happen constantly, so while no site is perfect, we'll definitely be making a considerable number of security-oriented upgrades over the next few days.
If we do break something that you use, though, like a link suddenly stops working, be sure to let us know here. Thanks!