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    So let me start by saying ive always been extremely paranoid and up until now I havn't been living alone so pairing that up, i've never been able to buy any diapers without freaking out and then, not buying anything. Now that i'm able to, i decided to buy two things from ABU, the Ultra sample pack and the Abena Sample Pack. I have yet to do so but I wanted to know which diaper included in those I should try first, I honestly have no current preference and most of you would definately have some sort of preference. Mainly I want to know what diaper you guys would advise. I know from looking around that everyone seems to have a different preference. Also if anyone knows of any other sample packs etc. that I should or could buy in place of one or both of those please tell me.

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    First off, welcome to adisc from a fellow Snivy. It would be nice if you made an introduction so that way we can get to know you and understand you more. You can make one right here.

    Greetings / Introductions

    and if you have trouble making an intro.

    I also wouldn't recommend buying from ABU because you are going to have a loooooooong wait. If your lucky you might get your order the way you like them but it's a waste of money trust me. ABU has a history of bad stuff such as stealing money, advertising kid's more than the product itself (Kiddy porn is the term), and orders that have been received take wayyy too long for the buyer to achieve. If you want some good diaper websites with fast, easy, discreet shipping then here are some recommended.

    Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products! (All bambino diapers are made here such as Bianco, Bellisimo[Everyone luvs these], and more) Even offer samples
    XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies (Average of fantastic diapers like pull-ups, taped ones, and they even offer reviews about each one) Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more (They have diapers such as Abena M4's, Tranquility, Tena Slip Maxi, etc.)

    Your going to be under a waiting stage for your samples bud (depends where you live but don't tell us) and if you like them great you were blessed :p but be careful with these guys. I would highly recommend the Abena M4's because they are worth the money, wetness indicators (I dont think anyone cares about that ^^) Holds so much and can still walk with freedom, odor protection from urine and sweat, and it's re-fastenable.

    ~I plan on seeing you in the introductions buddy ^^
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    Hello and welcome! I'm a n00b still, but can vouch for what Snivy there just said.
    My fav diapers are Tena Slip Maxi and Comficare M10 but I've found it to be a lot of fun to order samples of all kinds of different brands and try them out :3 So yeah, just go for it and have fun!!

    A lot of people have liked Abena better than any ABU nappies anyway, so go for them? Apparently the have a very similar feel, AND hold better than ABU diapers.

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    Good morning, I'm wondering if HDI S still offers sample packages. You can get samples of bed pads, diapers, and protective underwear. When receiver package it will contain two of each brand that they offer. It's a pretty big package. Happy diapering.

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    Try them all, the order doesn't really matter. HDIS still offers sample packs of diapers for $10 and you get 24 diapers, quite a lot for your money. They also had sample packs of boosters and pullups.

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