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Thread: Hello World! (of ADISC)

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    Default Hello World! (of ADISC)

    Not exactly the most original of titles, but it'll do for an introduction. I am not typically good at initiating conversation, and by extension, writing introductions; thus if the format of my post looks familiar, it is because I am using the introduction "Cheat Sheet" as a template.

    Currently in my life I would most identify with the label "Student", but my participation in the engineering college at the University is still only part of my life. I currently hold a position designing embedded logic systems at a research lab and I am interning as a software engineer at another company (I haven't quite made up my mind which I like more, software or firmware/hardware). When I'm not in class or at work, I am typically with my girlfriend, whom I met in my freshman year.

    Of course, I have some free time, which I use either playing video games, watching anime, working on side projects while sometimes simultaneously indulging in the desire that acts as a common thread for this community; diapers. My interest in AB/DL activities has waxed and waned since I was 13, but the comfort of a pacifier and a well-padded bum enveloped with the sweet scent of powder has always brought me back. Even though I like the idea of being an AB (such as using pacifiers, bottles, and other paraphernalia), I have always found getting into the mindset to be difficult, thus I likely fall closer to the DL end of the spectrum.

    When my interest was at its peak (not long after discovering that I wasn't the only person to enjoy these things), I was a bit over-zealous in attempting to communicate with people in communities like this. Truly, at that time, I did it for satisfaction of just saying it to somebody, but never really participating with a sense of community. Years have now passed and I've matured (pause for irony...), so I've decided to try mingling with a group again.

    I think that about covers the introduction... Nice to meet you all and I hope to interact with at least some of you on a semi-regular basis.

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    Nice avatar picture, reminds me of my cat. Thank you for the warm welcome.

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    Thanks for the welcome, its good to see another Zip. I was actually surprised that 'zippity' was still available, I usually have to append numbers.

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    Welcome, Zippity! Nice introduction! Just out of curiosity, have you ever been a part of/heard of FIRST Robotics?

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    I did try to be part of FIRST in high-school, but they kicked me out because I couldn't sell enough calendars to cover the membership fee. Finances weren't too hot back then. Have you had experience with them?

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    Hi and welcome to the site. You've written a great introductory thread. I'm afraid I'm the opposite of being an engineer. I'm a professional musician. I also enjoy bike riding, writing and reading. I'm sure you'll enjoy this site and I hope you will feel comfortable contributing to the many threads. We discuss a wide array of topics.

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    Welcome to the forum zippity! You're intro is marvelous! I hope you have a better experience in this forum than you did in the previous communication attempts

    Do you live in a dorm on campus or somewhere off campus? Are you able to wear wherever you are staying?

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    Welcome zippity!

    Stay away from the software it's evil!! lol J/K non of it makes sense to me, but i can build with the best of them (hardware).

    have to agree it sounds like you are definitely a DL, lots of us here!

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