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  • Heat Pump (Conventional)

    4 9.76%
  • Heat Pump (Geothermal)

    0 0%
  • Gas (LP or Natural)

    18 43.90%
  • Oil

    3 7.32%
  • Coal

    0 0%
  • Wood

    4 9.76%
  • Solar

    0 0%
  • Combination (Ex. Heat Pump Primary/Gas Backup)

    4 9.76%
  • Other

    8 19.51%
  • Heat Not Needed

    0 0%
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Thread: What's Your Home Heating Source?

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    Question What's Your Home Heating Source?

    Thought this might be a hot topic (pun intended) to discuss since so many members are in the deep freeze at the moment. Might be interesting to hear what heating methods are employed in different parts of the world, if seasonal heating is needed. Our house has a conventional heat pump as it's primary heating source, but we had the builder add a solid fuel (wood/coal) masonry chimney. Even though technically a back-up source, we're mainly using a radiant wood heater to help keep the electric bill down. Rates have increased a lot since we first moved in. When temps are this cold the heat pump kicks into backup (electric) heating because not enough heat can be extracted from the outside air which gets expensive. Geothermal heat pumps are less costly to use, however they basically require an extra well be drilled which raises the initial installation cost significantly.

    I know straight electric heat isn't specifically mentioned in the poll. Just list it under *other*. I have rarely seen a home with it lately due to the cost. If you have steam or forced hot air heat, the primary fuel source would be whatever makes the steam or heats the air.

    So, what heats you up? Poll to quickly follow...
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    Most of the private houses in Italy, like the one I live in, use natural gas for heating. Another quite widespread heating source is diesel fuel (the same kind used for engines, but de-taxed for domestic use), exp. for larger/older buildings or in areas not reached by the natural gas distribution net, although natural gas is preferred if it's possible to use it.

    I know that a few old buildings were still using coal till not long ago, although that has been made illegal since some years because of the pollution it produces.

    Using an heat pump system powered by electricity would be quite inconvenient, exp. since Italy doesn't use nuclear power to produce electricity, ends up buying a lot of it from neighbor countries (i.e. France - which uses nuclear), and the electric bill people have to pay here is probably one of the highest in Europe.

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    1. My left hand.
    2. laptop(dman thing keeps my room around 80-90)
    3. 2 space heaters
    4.heater eletric
    5 outside flamethrower gas(the thing from the pump) style heater
    6 long eletric heater
    7 karosine heater tower.
    8 wood burning stove
    9 fire place.
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    Natural Gas heats the apartment building I live in. I think most places are heated by natural gas in my area.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I used to have diesel and it did make the house smell like a truck stop. Even five years after getting the system replaced by natural gas, the basement still smells slightly of diesel fumes. Anyone considering oil heat beware!

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    Bog standard natural gas central heating, here. Although at present my boiler doesn't want to bother heating the water, rather it just prefers to pump cold water round the system instead - how useful. Good thing my computer is an effective space heater!

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    Pretty sure we have natural gas here.

    Which... at the moment, isn't working very well. Dunno if our heater is messing up from working so hard the last few days (it was -7F yesterday morning) or what. But right now it's freezing in here.

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    Natural gas here as well. At school we have radiators that are heated with hot water from a boiler. At home we have traditional forced air which is in the majority of new construction houses these days.

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