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Thread: what are the thickest

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    Default what are the thickest

    What are the thickest disposable diapers on the market?

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    I have not tried everyone on the market, but I can tell you Bambino has the thickest and best that I have seen.

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    There are several premium quality diapers on the market that are fairly similar. Abena M/L4, Fabines, dry 24/7 and Bambinos. I haven't tried all of them, but from my own experience and everything I've read, the Bambino Bellisimo is probably the thickest. You can also make it thicker by purchasing booster pads.

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    I have tried pretty much all of them (minus the Fabine's). Dry 24/7's are by far the thickest.

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    For simple thickness, Dry 24/7s are on top of the pile. I found them a little stiff though. Both the padding and outer plastic were not quite as comfortable as they could be. Bambino Balisimos would be my choice for thick diapers.

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    I'm currently wearing Comficare L10 and I can assure you these are the thickest nappies I have worn.I got them imported from Germany at a reasonable cost.You can get M10 (medium) or L10 (large) which is what I'm wearing.They can hold loads without leaking so one nappy almost lasts a whole day and you get 30 in a box so one box lasts a while.I would definitely recommend these nappies.

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    I don't have much experience yet (only four different brands) but Comficares are really thick and super comfy, they do not have a misleading name ! I was also able to be out and about with them despite the thickness. They're great.

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    Fabines are probably the thickest you can get, but they're such a hassle to get a hold of in the States that they almost deserve to be disqualified :P Fabines aside, Dry 24/7 and Bambino are probably at the top. Unique Wellness are also up there. But it would also help to specify whether you mean dry thickness or wet thickness. Molicare are pretty thin when dry but really thick when wet, for example.

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    From almost everyone's point of view on the market would have to versus Bellisimo and Dry 24/7's

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    Thats what I thought.. thanks everyone.. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something..

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