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Thread: whats your buget for your diapers

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    Default whats your buget for your diapers

    whats your buget for diapers i think i spent to much money

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    Around 80-100 bucks per year. I don't wear every day. I'll buy in bulk so, I maybe have on hand 1 or 2 diapers per week for the whole year.

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    I generally buy for the month at the beginning of the month. For the past year or so I've been wearing near exclusively Abena L4s ever since the L3s went cloth-backed, with the occasional ConfiDry or Absorbency Plus. It averages about $240.00 per month as 4 cases generally covers my between 3-5 changes a day.

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    Being on fixed income. Social Security that is. I spend $84.50 every 7 weeks for my disposables from XP Medical.
    My 18 cloth ones are paid for and I spend $5.00 a month for detergent to wash them.

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    About $5 for detergent and about $75 for replacement pants a year.

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    I'm 24/7 so I get one case of Depend every 4 weeks at about $58 each. I'm also currently working on a more economical solution.

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    I've been wearing fairly frequently, and also trying out a few different types. Been enjoying Bambinos especially, but they're certainly not the cheapest thing out there. I'd say I'm spending for about a case every 2 months, so maybe $70 average per case, about $420 annually at this rate. I decided to stop drafting Magic: The Gathering around the same time I started buying diapers, and I used to do a draft about once a week, so I probably ended up with net savings O_o.

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    Maybe 150 - 200 bucks per year. Not very much in the grand scheme of things.

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