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Thread: Do we need a bigger folowling

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    Default Do we need a bigger folowling

    I think if someone posted to reedit something about diapers or on ask reedit about diapers and asking people to just try it and then if they like it stick with it we could use more people

    I was going to ask the question that someone asked about 3 hrs ago but its all ready taken that really goes along with mine about if wearing diapers became a normal thing anyway so that's a challenge to someone

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    Diapers show up in reddit threads now and again. The best responses are along the lines of "whatever floats your boat". There have been AMAs in the past but they don't get much attention. This does not surprise me in the least. Whether sexual or not, it's a fringe behavior and I don't think the average redditor is looking for that particular lifehack. This is something that almost always comes out of an inner drive, not an ad campaign. Personally, I'm fine with our numbers being small as long as that small community is made up of those who absolutely are interested. I don't think diapers are of much use to anyone who doesn't need them for some reason (incontinence, sexual or non-sexual urge).

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