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Thread: First Post Guys! 😊

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    Default First Post Guys! 😊

    Hey everybody, I'm Wolfie, this is not only my first abdl site, but first forum site too, so I'm very new to this. I got into diapers when I was 9ish and have been ever since, they are just so fluffy and comfy. My favorite are pampers underjams, size 6 cruisers/baby dry, ABU cloth covered, and anything from bambino, just bought a 80 case 2 days ago :) Anyways enough about that, my other interest are swimming with my husky dexter, building gaming PCs, Playing modded RPG games , like TES Fallout and wastland. I'm also a beginning creepypasta writer, I can even post one on here if it's ok with everyone. Other than that I'm into WW1-WW2 history and reading Stephen king books. I'm flat tour addicted to Doctor who and Netflix movies. My fav shows are Dr who and South Park. And last thing you should know about me is I'm a heavy cigarette smoker(Marlboro reds), just so I don't get questions about that, I don't how this stuff works.

    Thanks for reading everyone :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by egor View Post
    Hello Wolfie666 and welcome to the group.
    Thanks, nice to meet you egor

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    Hey Wolfie, great introduction! You're going to meet a lot of fellow nerds around here! I'm a bit of a Whovian and RPG nerd, myself! So do you actually do any modding yourself alongside the gamig PCs?

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    WAAAYYYYYY... Doctor Who fan; good man!!

    But yeah, top notch intro dude; great to have you on the forum. When you say "swimming with your husky Dexter" I'm assuming you don't mean competitively? Dexter's not training for Rio 2016 or anything?

    On the diaper front; can relate to the liking from a young age. No idea what caused it, but we're here now... so why not! If you got any questions, ask away - either here, PM someone, start a new thread, send smoke signals... whatever; we don't bite (well, most of us anyway!)

    See ya 'round,


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