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Thread: Review of new Day time Diaper (Walgreen's)

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    Default Review of new Day time Diaper (Walgreen's)

    I have always had the option of wearing pull-ups during daytime, and full diapers for night. Pull-ups work well for me because they are refastenable so I have a choice when I need to go potty, they are thin enough that my jeans donít bulge, and I can roll the top of it down so it doesnít show above the waistline of my pants. We all know that a girl walking around should not have a "ghetto booty" that was not there the day before. However the pull-ups werenít absorbent enough to make me happy. One wetting and I would have to go change, so whatís the point?

    I have found a new product that has solved the absorbency problem. Walgreenís has a diaper that is the perfect combination. It has a cloth outer covering and refastenable tapes so I can still go potty if I need to, and it doesnít crinkle. I can easily roll the top down so it stays low-rise. It is also double the absorbency of the pull-ups so I donít have to change after one use, while still being thin enough to fit under my jeans. I must say that this is the best option for the girl that wants to have more options for outings. If you havenít tried the Walgreenís diapers yet, you really should.

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    That's all well and good but what about us guys that want to do that?

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    not into pullups, and i use mine for potty, so thats not a huge concern,

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    Umm well, whether the diaper is thin or not when you put it on, once you use it, it gets thicker. If it doesn't get thicker, then it isn't very absorbent. I have to say I haven't found a diaper yet that fits under my low-rise jeans.

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    i've used thoes, and they work well. i never wear outside, or when anyone is around me, so the thin factor went un needed, but they did fit under my pants really well (normally i wouldn't wear pants, but it's winter and i was cold). and they were suprisingly absorbant. i would recomend them... no... i do recomend them.

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    2-4, depending on much you wet at once. they don't leak if you sit either (the first time). if i ever do mess (seldom do) i change instantly, but they probably will hold more than one.

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    No point for me, i dont wear outside, i am sure it would be for someone who did though.

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    You could trade in low-rise jeans for overalls! You can get away with anything in overalls!

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    Thats what I did for my ex most of the time, was give her pull ups for for the day, usually goodnites, cause they never leaked from one wetting for her. Anyways I would just have her roll down the top and they were totally invisible with jeans, made her feel more at ease, I could tell defiantly haha.

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