I went to a Sci-Fi con recently (last weekend) and picked up book of short stories. The title of the book is Triangulation: Parch. I really liked the last story in the book it is mainly the very last sentence of the book, and when I read that sentence a chill ran down my spine because as an AB I kind of feel like that character felt at the end.

I did not go into much of the story here as I did not want to do spoilers.this early on a post about it (but if I respond later I will be willing to post spoilers, but I will not be willing to post the whole story)

I can imagine many of us AB that are still in hiding can relate to the story once you hit the very last sentence. The story is only 16 pages long.

I strongly suggest you read it it does not seem to be that expensive (I payed $2 more at the con for it, and I think the kindle version will be cheaper when it comes out).