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Thread: Diapers to the Gym

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    Default Diapers to the Gym

    Has anyone here ever wore diapers to a gym? Like changing in thlocker room you expose your diapers to change your clothes? It sounds like it would very fun.

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    I did once, and strongly regretted it. It chafed badly as I was running and lifting weights. The sweat did not help either. So, believe me when I say to you, don't do it!

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    fap fap fap, yes tell us more... (this whole topic is a little creepy heading)

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    I've never worn diapers to the gym, nor will I ever in the future. I think it would be a really bad idea, for reasons that Kovalchuk already stated.

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    woops...sorry for making this topic seem creepy, that wasn't what I was shooting for. It was meerly a topic of curiosity.

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    Guys, once again, if you are exposing your diapers in front of people because it 'excites' you, you are putting others into an uncomfortable position and that is not right. Plus you are jeopardizing the public image of ab's/dl's. So just remember to be sensitive to other people's rights.

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    right, I forgot about that, I broke one of the Diaper Commanddments, Close this tpoic if you wish Moderators, it is worthless.

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