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    Question Finding your inner little

    Hey everyone!

    I was wondering if any of you would be ready to share how you found your ideal regressed self. The reason I'm asking is that I'm at a stage where I want to regress, but I can't seem to get in the right frame of mind. Furthermore, after reading a bit of this thread, I noted a response by mommyslittlewyatt:

    Quote Originally Posted by mommyslittlewyatt View Post
    Maby you can try to figure out what age you prefer to regress to ( unless you already know). I had a little trouble regressing when I wasn't sure what age I should be acting.
    I realized, after reading that, that I didn't really know, where, or more appropriately, when I wanted to regress. In my case, I also seem to have difficulty finding memories to focus on while trying to regress.

    Hence my question, I was wondering if any of you would be willing to share your story about how you found your little and, hopefully, help me gain some ideas of how to explore my headspace.

    Thank you all in advance!

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    Mine is a happy memory of my infancy that I go back to.

    I talked about a lot of stuff with my therapist and I decided to try that point in time.

    I do not know that I regress as such, but I can use the meditation techniques that I have been taught over the years and it is the only time that they actually work for me. I do not "become" my little as that I am being held by my wife and she is caressing me like a toddler going to sleep. I go down a hall of time to 1964 and then go in and envision everything from back then. The Key is that I have to leave everything "adult" outside. It works for up to an hour then I come back to real time, only because My "old" body starts to hurt if I lay that way to long.

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    The "frame of mind" can be hard for me to get into. I can be sitting in front of the TV or computer, rocking nothing but child print undies and a t-shirt, binky in mouth, and I will still prefer to watch "grown up" TV, or surf the net for autism blogs. Even though I claim that my little is 3-5 years old, and as such should be watching pre-school-level programs, I have a hard time sitting thru that stuff.

    I'm not sure if I can pin down any specific memory from my targeted age range that makes me want to be that size. It's just that I had some good pediatric therapists that helped me a bunch, as well as really good teachers in pre kindergarten and kindergarten. It was just a pretty happy time for me.

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    Well, it's a bit hard to explain...
    During years I tried to become a little again because i grew up too fast and i would like to find my carefreeness again but i didn't manage to do it. Few months ago, i found the answer and i changed the process. So, now i consider that i'm a 12 years old little boy all the time and i grow up when i need (when i go outside with my wheelchair, when i speak with adult, when i must cook for myself for example...), and when this tasks are finished, i become again the little kid that i am.

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    Hello everyone!

    Thanks for your answers! Based on them, I can already see how different the experience is for everyone. I consider myself to be somewhat over-methodical at times and I have difficulty following my gut feeling.

    From what I gather, I'd gain in relaxing more while trying to regress. I've often found it difficult to rid my mind of stress, guilt and worries while trying to focus on my feelings. I always seem to get caught in a overthinking spiral which gets me off-track.

    As for a therapist, I did have one a couple years ago, and I did tell about my ab/dl tendencies but I never really delved into the subject. Might be an avenue worth exploring.

    Thanks again

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    My wife helped me find my little age, its somewhere around 2 or 3 from what she says. I don't really have any positive memorys from when I was little, so I think for me being little now helps me create better memorys to think of.

    Like you, its hard for me to rid my mind of stress and everything that holds me back, but over time I've worked on finding ways to do it.
    I like to put cartoons on (I like the ones that try to get you to interact with them) and have my favorite blankie, stuffed animals and paci with me. This really helps me alot

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    With time, years, my AB side had more opportunities to live, take its place and it is obvious that my emotional needs and from what I like to wear naturally, clothes that suits me perfectly, my big little side is somewhere between 2 and 3.

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    For me, it was just something that happened. I had tried to regress several times before, and this particular time, it started the same. But within twenty or so minutes, I started feeling, well, "little". There's really no other explanation for the way I felt when I really regressed for that first time. I guess with each occasion of me trying to regress, my subconscious was getting closer to actually regressing rather than longing to regress.
    The only advice I can give about regression is that it's really different for everyone (seeing as how each individual is regressing to a different age, and using multiple techniques for doing so), and to think of it not as something you're learning to do, because it isn't foreign, rather you're just rusty at actually being little again. Really, it's the same as doing anything after you haven't done it in however long, you can still do whatever it might be (or rather you still know how to), just not at first. And don't force anything, if it feels phony to you, try something else, because you'll know when you're there, everyone is different. Regardless, I hope you do find your own way that you regress, it's not as hard as it seems.

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    Most of mine are very personal to me. In particular the first time my diapers were treated as a punishment for my incontinence. I had been wearing pullups for a long while and it became apparent to my parents that I wasn't potty training correctly. My mother forced me onto a training table and put a diaper on me and told me that when I started using the potty like a big kid she'd let me get out of them. I remember just being devastated because my confidence had really been built up that I was "a big kid". Even after I was taken to doctors to confirm that I wasn't developing properly this experiment would be tried again by my parents from time to time growing up, but this particular incident was when I was about five and just about to enter Kindergarten.

    That's generally the "age" I hit when I'm feeling like expressing my little side.

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    I agree with BeefCube. It is different from person to person. For me, it has always come naturally and the feeling can be strong. I was an only child, growing up, and so I played and pretended on my own. I would get into scenes and play them out, the feelings almost real. Now, when I put on a diaper, feelings of regression and being a toddler happen almost automatically. It's not something that I have to try and make happen. It happens on its own. It can be sexual for me, or I can just go to a state of being little and at peace. Both are enjoyable and have their own reward.

    The best suggestion I could give is to have objects that make you feel babyish like a bottle, sippy cup, onsie and certainly, diapers. Then get into the feeling of being little and defenseless.

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