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Thread: its not a fetish for all of us

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    Default its not a fetish for all of us

    i see lots of threads on here and when i click to read them one the words i see most is fetish that is such a nasty word i dont consider loving diapers a fetish

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    While I understand that it is not sexual for everyone, the definition of "fetish" does not require the interest to be sexual, so I would say it's technically correct. More often, I use kink, interest, or urge but I would certainly call it a fetish in popular usage as far as I'm concerned. I'd suggest working on your strong reaction to the word as you correct any misunderstandings about where your interest lies.

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    If it's not sexual to you at all then you have nothing to worry about. Terms have come from days that are long gone. Fetish is a loosely used word that is also means, an obsession.

    There is no etiology for this on reality.

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    Whether it's a fetish for a given individual will vary. Fetish is, however, the technically correct term if you're describing people who are aroused by diapers. So, you're going to see it used, but there isn't anything ugly about it. It's just a technically accurate description.

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    There's nothing wrong with a sexual fetish, either. I know it might feel.. inasive and maybe even ugly to be painted with a broad brush. Just remember others do not define you! :x

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    Remember that no two people's AB/DL is the same, and that for some it is purely comfort, while for others it is entirely a sexual fetish. Now, I don't know which posts you're talking about, so I may be wrong, but for many of us, when we call it a fetish, we call it what it is to us. That doesn't mean it is for you.

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    You could look up Paraphilia Infantalism on Wikipedia and you should gain a lot of helpful information. The trick is to put all of this into some practical perspective. As we often say, diapers don't rule our lives. They're just a part of it. It's all what you make out of it.

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    I don't understand the stigma for diapers being sexual for some people. I see people trying to redefine the word to fit their mold and trying to claim diapers are not a fetish.

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    The word only has only one definition; an object of irrational reverence. It doesn't even have to be a sexual reverence, yet people here try to skirt around the word just because they don't like it. If the only thing you get out of diapers is simple pleasure, it's a fetish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atomic6 View Post
    i see lots of threads on here and when i click to read them one the words i see most is fetish that is such a nasty word i dont consider loving diapers a fetish
    Well... it is by every account and definition exactly this, A FETISH.

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