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Thread: Locked door?

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    Default Locked door?

    I have a locked door to my "little" room which I have set aside in my house just for me to partake in "babytime" but I like to have guests and get togethers at my place a lot. I usually manage to distract guests away from my mysterious door, but I just had my sister move in with me and am about to try and let her in on my "little"secret. Anyone else been in this position? Any suggestions?

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    It really depends on how open minded she is and the dynamic of your relationship. If in doubt, don't do it, and just say it's storage that you would rather she stayed out of.

    Edit: Like note said above :p

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    Am I supposed to keep sneaking in and out after everyone's asleep. Should I just kill the idea of having my baby space. I guess this might be a case of "having cake and eating it to". My sis might be living with me for a while

    Edit: I know I could tell my sis an it would probably work out but. I would like to hear from Someone who has experience with keepin a nursery ( for lack of A better word) private in there household when unknowing guests are abound
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    I am thinking about doing this - mainly to prevent the kids from wandering in there. As a hobby, I work on high-voltage equipment so I was planning on using that as an excuse for the lock. One could easily contrive some other excuse, for example, tell people you have a home-made gravitational-wave detection experiment running and that entering the room would completely screw it up - hence the lock! Well, maybe not that but you get the idea. But if she is living there it will be much harder, eventually she will become curious.... and your tangled web of lies harder to maintain!! That is why I have not implemented this myself yet, just not sure it is a good idea. Maybe better to just keep things put away.

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    This might not be the advice you'd like to hear, but I'd suggest converting it to a normal room. Keep all the nursery stuff and pack it away somewhere that people don't look, like your own closet or an attic. If you have one or more free days, you can pull it out and set up shop, then pack it away when you're done.

    It might be nicer to have a permanent nursery, but setting aside an entire room is quite a commitment and I'd suggest considering a compromise that doesn't make you constantly paranoid about your relatives.

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    I find that locks scream "something is in here please come find out what." I suppose it would probably be better to conceal stuff in an everyday place so you do not draw attention.

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    I have such a good relationship with my siblings that I could just go "Yo, don't go into that room, I keep it locked since it's my fetish cave/nursery" but then again I don't feel shame and my nonchalant way of stating things like that very matter-of-factly has rubbed on to people I know and they can't get worked up anymore.
    My advice; don't make it into a big deal.

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    If it was me, i would feel like it was a justifiable reason for letting her in on your secret, I mean, if you are letting her live in your house, then the least she could do is let you feel comfortable in you own house, especially when you are being so hospitable.
    If she is the type that is open minded, then it probably is not going to be a problem letting her know, and at least saying, "I just wanted to give you the heads up in case if you accidentally notice anything." You might just be able to wait until she asks what is behind the door too, that would probably be the easiest and most appropriate way to bring it up.
    My two of my sisters know about my little side, and I was super hesitant about telling them, but I needed somebody to talk to. After they found out what i was so hesitant about they just thought it was silly that i was so worried, and were happy i could trust them.

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    I would opt for removing it personally and setting the room back to normal for the duration of her stay.

    However, if you feel that's not an option, than it's only going to be a matter of time. Better from you than letting her come to her own conclusions when she sneaks in.

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