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    After squeezing into Goodnites for years, I have started to get very curious about the world of adult diapers. My girlfriend said she is willing to put me in a proper tape-on diaper, so I have been trying to figure out which diapers to buy. I would like to get diapers that are no more than $1.25 per diaper, but I would prefer for them to be $1.00 per diaper, as we are going to be moving in together soon and we won't be able to blow heaps of cash on Bambino's. So I turn to you, experts of ADISC, to help me find the diaper I desire.

    The criteria I am looking for is basically this:
    1. I want the diaper to be as thick as possible within my price range.
    2. See number 1.

    I don't care if it is cloth or plastic-backed, I just want it to actually feel like a diaper, not a tape-on, paper-thin pad.
    I would also like for these mystery diapers to be store-bought, if possible.

    Show me whatcha got, diaper-connoisseurs.

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    Wow, thanks! Those Tranquilities look and sound awesome for the price!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
    Wow, thanks! Those Tranquilities look and sound awesome for the price!
    I can't recommend them because I haven't tryed them, I have read the absorbencey on them and it's for one light to decent wetting. I use the 96 count countour briefs plastic backed ( link previously put on ). They are same in absorbencey and a heck of a lot cheaper then the atn's. I use these and a night time baby diaper called KidGets , it's available at family dollar for $6 a small pack, there half the price of the leading brand but they are pretty absorbant. All in all a case of 96 equal to the tranquility atn in absorbencey and the baby diapers used as doublers runs me about 60 cents or less per change, or one baby diaper and one adult one . Between that, wipes and powder averaging $2 a day ( 2 changes ) if you use generic, but reliable. Target brand Up & up baby powder is $2.09 for a 22 oz and KidGets wipes are $5.50 for 216 non scented wipes.

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    You won't find anything worthwhile in stores. You think Goodnites are bad, they'll make Goodnites look like the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    Make sure they aren't used :p Some people will use them and send them off like arseholes!
    They aren't ive bought from this seller multiple times.

    Packaging: comes in a box that says Mckesson on the right or left corner in medium size black letters, the diapers inside are in four packs of 24 and in clear strong plastic.

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    If you don't mind cloth-backed, Abena Deltaform M3s are right in your price range and, for that price, the thickest diapers that I'm aware of.

    XP Medical - Abena Delta-Form Adult Diapers

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