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    So I have recently bought depends adjustables and they are horrible every single one that I have worn leaks badly I wear for bedwetting so I thought hmm maybe it's because im lieing down so I wet them when I was sitting down and standing up and they leaked both times I dont know if im doing something wrong or if they just suck

    Thanks for letting me rant

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    Depends aren't really known for being all that...dependable. I do okay with Depends Protection with Tabs but it's only because I'm quite familiar with their limitations and use them in appropriate circumstances. When I need better capacity, I have other diapers to use instead. In general, to get anything good, you'll need to order online.

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    I had the same thing happen too I use depends protection with tabs

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    As someone who is unable to get their hands on better diapers, I love Depends. Adjustable were up my alley but it sucked. You had to slowly wet standing up. Truly a diaper for incontinence. The one time I wet sitting down, I left a stain all over my chair (/.\)

    I'm rocking depends with tabs right now and just wet myself sitting down. Not a drop leaked. In my experience I leak when I'm about 5 wettings in but I don't hold and flood >.<

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    I am actually a fan of the depends adjustable as they are very soft and comfortable to wear. They leak pretty bad if you flood or wet in any position other than standing, but they hold a full wetting, can be put on without taking off your pants, and like I said they are super soft. Second to the trim fit, depends adjustable are my favorite diapers to wear to work or on formal "need to be discrete" occasions.

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    I thought they were pretty useless. The small/ medium size was still too big for me no matter how much I adjusted the tabs, plus they weren't very absorbent.

    I don't even see them anymore in the stores around me. I thought they were replaced with the newer line, like the Real Fit, Silhouette, and whatever else. I agree that the best of the lot is the maximum protection with tabs,

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    I find the Depends with tabs fit me the best, even better than premium brands. When used with a booster pad, they hold just as much as a premium brand.

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