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Thread: AB/DL related e-books for the Kindle

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    Default AB/DL related e-books for the Kindle

    Hi folks-

    I received an Amazon Kindle as a present from a friend, and I am enjoying it thoroughly as I'm using it to study for University .

    I have searched for a few e-books on the Kindle store place on Amazon, entering search terms such as 'AB/DL', 'diaper lover' etc.. But I find that many of them (based on the descriptions) have strong erotic connotations and sexual undertones.

    So my question is: Do you know of any e-books concerning AB/DL topics that are NOT overly sexual or erotic? Perhaps an autobiography of an AB/DL or an information/'self-help' e-book?

    Personally, I do not have an erotic or sexual connection to my DL side. thanks guys!

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    i am working on one i have 90k words so far i am on a break right now

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    I was thinking about writing three more of my diaper/scary stories and publishing under another name. There is "There's a Baby In My Bed" which is more of an informative, support story. Almost all adult baby stories that I've read have sexual overtones or active sexual actions. It's pretty much what it is. As you know, sex sells and boredom doesn't.

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    I don't know any. You can copy/paste some books from this website and read upon. *No copyright thou *

    AB/DL Stories

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