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Thread: sudden hate for boy littles

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    Default sudden hate for boy littles

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed this and it certainly doesn't happen here but I've seen a rise in hate on a boy being a little. Specifically I've gotten a few angry tumblr messages about it. Has anyone else noticed this incredibly specific kind of hate or is it just me.

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    Well most Abdl do like focusing on girl Littles and it does tend to anger regular people into attacking more boys then girls so I guess that's part of it...

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    Yeah, I'm not sure why but it's been spreading a lot lately. The DD/LG community has a lot awesome people, but it also has some total brats and horrible people in it too. On my Tumblr, I received a very, VERY strongly worded hate message about how I couldn't be a little because I'm a boy, and the person even told me that I was confused, and that I should really be a daddy. I responded to it calmly and intelligently and it ended up spreading like wildfire around Tumblr, but ever since I've gotten even more hate mail. It's really dumb that people would exclude boys out of the little community, because it seems to me that there are actually more male littles out there (atleast in the AB/DL community.) On Tumblr, it seems to be all about the girl's side of things, probably because of all the people out there who just like to fap to them...

    In my opinion, it's best to not listen to those who say that boys can't be littles, because in the end, the people saying that are just rude, hateful, exclusionary, and despicable people. There are no "requirements" to be an AB/DL or little in general. No matter if you're a boy, girl, genderfluid, genderless, or whatever else, you are who you are, and if you want to identify as a little, then you're a little. And that's that.

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    Oh the caveats of stupid social networking.

    Sorry - I am an advocate against stuff like facebook tumblr & co. for several reasons...
    amongst them is this partial pseudo anonymity behind people hide and of course feel far more Free to speak hate and dumb shit.
    the other part is I am astounded by how much personal stuff people put out there, and of course the more "extravagant" the outing gets the more negative feedback it will draw - it's basic human interactive logic.
    On the internet it goes like this... if you see something you don't understand: hate it - with nice comments.

    I'm not saying this is "your" fault - but it's a general caveat of the social networking complex - you put stuff out there for the world to find and see and you will depending on the nature of the information revealed get people who strongly disagree - even to the point of being VERY rude. Hiding behind a mask can make people say things they would not dare to speak face to face.

    So what's the message here? If for whatever reason you truly feel the need to put yourself out there social networking wise - fine I'm not going to beat a dead horse.
    But if you do - you will just have to accept that the less then nice comments are part of the deal too.
    nothing much to be done about.

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    I'm just going to throw my thoughts on this into a message since I can. It's definitely related to traditional ideas of gender, and as a trans woman, that's something I have to deal with every day.

    The DD/lg system is basically the "traditional gender roles" component of ageplay. You have the dominant man and the submissive woman, which is something extremely conservative and along traditional gender lines.

    Before I go any further, I'd like to make a disclaimer. I am not saying that DD/lg roles are bad or harmful, or saying that they are any less appropriate than any other ageplay roles. I am, however, addressing the idea of privilege in this scenario.

    Littles/ABs who are boys face a similar stigma to people on the transfeminine spectrum in that they transgress gender roles in a similar way - both adopt mannerisms typically known as feminine while being recognized as male-assigned. Males, as the traditional beliefs go, are not supposed to be submissive and should always be in the dominant position. That is the unwritten rule that boy littles break. DD/lg people, although they break social norms by being part of the ageplay community, are the absolutely most normative type of ageplay imaginable. They thus are in a position of power, aka they have privilege. Boys that are little are distinctly separated from the potential power they could have by breaking these norms, and as any basic sociology tells us, will occasionally receive sanctions for breaking societal norms. The harassment that you have experienced is this type of social sanction for adopting a traditionally feminine/"weak" role (being "little").

    This is my attempt to convey a sociological explanation for this in a short paragraph. It makes a ton of sense to me that this would happen, although I obviously have not experienced it. It's just another example of people in positions of power granted to them by being "normal" attacking those outside of the norm. It's the struggle minorities of all types face everyday (although the fact that being "little" isn't an immediately visible trait prevents you from seeing it anywhere near as much as other minorities such as racial, gender, etc. minorities).

    Anyways, don't let it get to you. They are the ones that are socially backwards. You have as much of a right to be little as anyone. Ignorance of the fact that men and women don't have to be walking stereotypes isn't an excuse for them to exclude you from a community that is distinctly not theirs. In fact, I would argue that DD/lg people are more of an intrusion into ageplay/AB spaces than vice-versa, as ABs have been typically men for a long time. And remember, I say this as a woman in solidarity with you, not as a man looking to affirm myself.

    TL;DR: Stereotypes are stupid.

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    Just everybody isn't created for everything. Just these ignorants who haven't any idea about what is or can be ABDL I don't give a shit. BUT... I know a few ABs and these a few prefere to don't know. Better thing is I've more AB/DL friends and nothing like this ocurrs.
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    The world is a hateful place. I used to give people a chance but now I don't discriminate, I hate everyone equally until I get to know them.

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    I'm a male, both biologically and mentally, and a straight one at that (though I border on asexuality). I've always hated the "be a real man" attitude about people judging you based on how many women you chase or how strong you are, etc. I have not gotten flack about my ABDL from anyone because I don't post about my ab to too many non abdl sites other than fetlife and I never posted on dd.

    I guess dd is predominantly DL and DL candy (lg's).

    Tell them to kiss your padded ass.

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    Littles are little no matter the gender. Stereotyping is both stupid and pointless.

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    Let's not forget that even here, when Moo was petitioned a few months ago by members to have a "Little Boy" identifier for those of us who identify that way, he wasn't keen on the idea and we got "little" as a generic catch-all. I suppose it's better than nothing, but it seemed odd to me why there wouldn't be a LB tag for anyone who identified as such. So there does seem to be a bias against LB's in general, even without the vitriolic hatred that was posted on Tumblr.

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