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    While it's been done a million times and covered brilliantly by Beta
    on how to go about it, that's not my problem. I should tell her, I want to, I know how but there's a twist. I have almost no desire at all to involve her in my diapers, diaper time, etc. She literally completes me, I feel whole with her. I don't need them when she's around. The moment she's not around (away for a few days for what ever reason) the urges resurface immediately. And when shes back I feel no need for silly diapers. We've lived together for some time and are moving across the country soon, it's been 2 years, it's getting quite serious, I need to tell her even though I don't desire diapers currently... It's a strange feeling. It's like why tell her about something I don't feel when she's around?

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    Perhaps you should hold off while there's so much else going on in your life. There will be a lot deal with moving and all. I think you should probably just enjoy things as they are for a while. Of course you're the best judge if this because you've got the insider info..... you know how she would cope. That said, if this would have the potential to be s deal breaker, how serious should let your relationship get. If it's a good relationship it will handle it, even a little way from now. Good luck...weigh everything up before spilling your secret. Do it when you know the times right.

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    The thing is with something like this, there is no good time. A month ago she was knee deep in studying for the MCAT, before that she was trying to find a job, before that I was interviewing for grad school before that we were finding a place to live and before that I was starting a new job. That's all just the last 6 months. There is no such thing as a good time.

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    Since your present situation works for you and since you are overly busy and probably stressed, I have to agree with ozbub. Now is probably not a good time to rock the boat. I did exactly what you're doing for most of my marriage. It was when my wife retired on full disability that I told my greatest of secrets. Well, it was my only secret. She was very accepting, but by then, we had been married for a long time and knew each other quite well. The upside for me is that I will go to bed diapered tonight. But if you don't need that, then I would hold off for the time being.

    Should you decide to tell, I think your initial statement was excellent in terms of information and revealing that which she would need to know. She may then want more details and wonder how long have you had these feelings and been acting on them. That could create some problems as well.

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    I totally understand where you're coming from! Last night I came out to a good friend of mine who lives several hours away and thus doesn't know any of my other friends. I'm actually pretty glad I did it. It gave me a chance to vent off a secret I'm used to keeping bottled up, and it reassured me that, odd as it is, it doesn't brand me as some abominable freak, and "normal" people can still accept me 100%.
    Telling her may increase emotional intimacy in a way. If she accepts it completely, you'll have the comfort of knowing the love of your life sees every part of you, even the darkest parts you hide from everyone else in the world, and a he loves you just the same.
    On the other hand, if you think telling her may cause problems in the relationship or put some sort of emotional stress on her, the why bother?
    Understand I'm not an expert, and I've only ever had one romantic partner in my life. I came out to her too, and she didn't like it, but she still loved me. She seemed to look on me with pity, like it was an affliction: like it wasn't my fault, but it was a bad thing that'd happened to me, something we'd learn to overcome or live with or something. That said, I'm still glad I told her, because it was nice to have some form of acceptance.

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