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Thread: looking for a plastic backed diaper absorbencey wise like the abena M3/M4

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    Default looking for a plastic backed diaper absorbencey wise like the abena M3/M4

    Hello, it's been far to long since I've created any thread here. In the past week I got a job working at one of my local gas stations, I'm using diapers 24/7 so I wear to work . I've heard of the abena M4 and read the reviews on it though here and amazon, so last year I ordered a sample pack, then a case soon after. What I'm asking is there a plastic backed, latex or not diaper out there that is similar to the abena M4 I want the absorbencey to be great, plastic backed, taps staying secure in place, quantity of 56 ( or more ) ( size medium) a price of no more then $100 ( including shipping costs ).
    I may be asking for to much for the price, and if I am when comparing it to it's partner the abena M3 . Is there also a plastic backed diaper that is pretty much the same absorbencey wise as the abena M3 ? ( same applys cost wise etc. )
    What I'm using right now are plastic backed, but are "ok" quality for the price.

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    If you need wise decision's on diaper use or any help with diapers on how much they cost, absorbency level, level of discreetness, reviews, then I highly suggest you pay a visit to this website.

    XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies

    Although if your an abena user then visit here.
    Abena Diapers - Abena Adult Diapers - Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Diapers
    And recommand this diaper same as M3 but I think smaller/bigger (Never seen it's size)
    Abena Abri form X-Plus - Large - a bag of 12 | DreamCare

    There are so many kinds of plastic back diapers that can be used or chosen but in your situation I can only offer advice because I use Abena M4. Some people say Molicare is a great recommand and Bianco is a great for hold and shows no suspicion of ideas if your wearing a diaper or not. I think the best plastic backed diaper is the Bambino Bellisimo comfortable on the inside and smooth plastic on the outside. IF your an amazon shopper the only diapers that will show up for you is Abena level's, and tena Slip maxi's which is all plastic (mostly) Tena slips are great at texture and absorbency and they also share a common interest with the M3 but is beatened by the M4. Absorbency Plus is made in the USA and they are cheaper than M3 and I think they hold a littlebit more than the M3 but they are pull-ups (if you don't mind that.)

    If you don't like my advice then try the Xp medical website because they have so many diaper reviews and you will find the diaper you desire.

    ~I hope that helped yellow!
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    Thank you Snivy! and yes it helped I noticed that the Dry 24/7 mentioned that it said promotional pricing or something like that, I dont know when that ends but hopefully not before the middle of next month when I can stock up. Level 4 I'll give them a try , I'm so used to sticking with one brand of diaper and never rotating between different brands. Level four and Dry 24/7 I'll most likely rotate daily.

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