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Thread: Should I try suppositories?

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    Default Should I try suppositories?

    I was going to try dulcolax suppositories but I was wondering a few things:

    1. Are they safe?
    2. How long before I need to go?
    3. Are there any after effects?

    I never had one before and I don't plan on doing this often.

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    I got many questions here !!!:
    First are you constipated ? If so increase Fiber in your diet and increase liquids as well 8 plus glasses of water stay on the 8 or more side
    Second what thinks you need a laxative?
    Third Do you have abdominal pain ?
    Fourth is this a fetish?
    Five have you consulted a Doctor I am not one so take my advice with a cavet emptour. at your own risk or even a pharmacist ?
    Using Laxatives is serious business you can make yourself incontinent bowel wise and trust me you do not want that if you can avoid it !!!!
    Please think twice please unless you consult a doctor

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    Quote Originally Posted by dgou View Post
    No I'm not constipated, it's to force a mess
    I wouldn't use laxatives just to make yourself mess. It is possible to end up abusing laxatives and over time you may end up having to rely on them to be able to poo at all. (meaning you won't be able to poo unless you take them).

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    And ADISC Rule #6 in part states: No encouraging anyone else to engage in self-destructive acts, such as self harm, or anything medically risky.

    So no one here will be supportive of you taking anything that might harm you. Please don't. As the above comments state the long term effects can be harmful and there are more natural ways to do it.

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