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Thread: Why do diapers have such high waistbands in the back?

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    Default Why do diapers have such high waistbands in the back?

    Why do diapers have such high waistbands in the back? Is there a reason for this?

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    Yes one word POOP ! as it can move quite far when sat on or is loose

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    Well, firstly, there are relatively few sizes of adult diapers (in most brands), so some of the highness may be due to your being on the low end of the body size range for a particular diaper. That said, diapers do tend to ride higher than underwear because higher means more room and more padding, which in turn means more protection. You're less apt to leak out of the front or back if the diaper comes up higher.

    In babies, a diaper is considered well-fitting if it rises to the belly button. For older children and adults, the optimal rise seems to be a bit lower, for discreetness (especially in pull-ups) as well as ease of movement.

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    Here's another word: sleeping. If you're lying down, and the diaper is getting really wet, it will wick wherever it can. If you're lying on your back, that high back is the thing that will protect your sheets. In fact, just this morning I wet a Tena Super Stretch so completely that it was soaked all the way up to the back waistband. That kind of wicking is the difference between a good diaper and a great one.


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