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    How did you come up with your username on ADISC?

    I personally love Snivy so that's how I got my name even thou it was originally "AddictSnivy"

    Share your interest's!
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    Quite simple...
    it's a mixture from real name + something personal... but it's only the initial letters.
    and the number - well it's just a number.

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    When I was in middle school, there was a group of us that went around and change the graffiti that the "punks" wrote every where.

    So for the F*bomb we changed it to EgoR. Then when I went into science and did so much research in the basement lab, I got the nickname of Igor. But with my terrible spelling I thought it was Egor. So that is how it came to be.

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    Mine's. Because I like the Perl programming language and my fursona is a ferret. :3

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    Mine plain and simple is an Aussie Baby ozbub

    maybe I could have been more clever.....too late now I think

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    Mine was actually a nickname for a character I had when I was into online gaming/roleplaying.

    The full name was Azelie, meaning desert flower in some language or another. Just stick with it because it sounds so nice.

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    I was a very good fan of the game the Stanley Parable.
    So I when I had to make a username i was like......THEQWERTY......Ummmmm.....PARABLE!

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    Mine's a metaphor for these desires: A part of me I wish to conceal. (Well not here, obviously.)

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