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Thread: Advice for regressing.

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    Default Advice for regressing.

    I've got a friend who likes to play along with my ab side, however I tend to not be very good at regressing. Any advice or tips on how to regress with my friend?

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    Maby you can try to figure out what age you prefer to regress to ( unless you already know). I had a little trouble regressing when I wasn't sure what age I should be acting.

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    I try to be like 3-4 years young. It's really hard to find the right actions and words because I'm sorta new to the whole regression thing.

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    The main thing you absolutely need to do is relax completely. I need to get so relaxed, I'm almost asleep before I regress.

    Now, I'm going to give you something that really helps me regress, but it may not work for you. I've found a really good free hypnosis file that helps me, but before I link to it, I must explain what 'hypnosis' really is.

    ---RANT ALERT---

    The term hypnosis has a lot of odd things associated with it. Stuff like making people bark like dogs, fall in love with people, and all kinds of goofy, involuntary actions. But hypnosis couldn't be further from that. A more apt term for hypnosis would be 'guided meditation'. A hypnotic trance is nothing more than a state of being as relaxed as possible without being totally asleep. It's the exact same thing you feel every night right before you slip into unconscious sleep, just very, very relaxed. A hypnosis session starts with the hypnotist using some method to relax you to this point. Something like, say, focusing on breathing very slowly, focusing on how heavy and tired your arms/head/feet feel, etc. Then, when you are relaxed, the hypnotist gives you some suggestions. In this case, it would be that you are a very cute, tiny little boy/girl, and that you are safe and sound. HYPNOSIS CANNOT MAKE YOU DO OR THINK ANYTHING YOU DON'T REALLY WANT TO DO OR THINK. Like I said, all a hypnosis session is is guided relaxation, followed by some suggestions. You have to first want to relax and trust the hypnotist. Then when the suggestions are given, you have to have already wanted to do whatever the suggestions suggest. The suggestions are basically affirmations. All they do is help reinforce things that you already want. There is nothing magical about hypnosis, nothing pseudoscientific like subconscious ideas or anything. Hypnosis is just like meditation, but much easier because someone else is guiding you through it with a soothing voice.

    ---RANT END---

    Now that that rant is over, the reason it help me is because it's hard for me to relax that much on my own. If you want to try it yourself, you can get some very, very good free AB regression sessions here. Just please, go into it remembering that it's only supposed to relax you, and then make you feel little by talking sweetly to you while you're so relaxed. These files do attempt to regress you to a baby that can barely stand, but you can use some creativity to pretend you're your preferred age. Whatever happens, remember that it won't make you do anything. If you don't like one of the suggestions, just relax and ignore it.

    Other than hypnosis, any guided relaxation would work as well. The key to regression is letting your guard down, relaxing, and trusting that you are safe. So make sure you are in a private location where you know you won't be disturbed, regardless of if you use hypnosis or not. If you have a willing partner, they could even care for you, or at least be sweet to you and treat you little and protect you.

    If you happen to find those hypnosis sessions work for you well, you can get some more from the same person for purchase here. Just remember: Hypnosis will only help you do what you already want to do. Basically, if you couldn't or wouldn't do something without hypnosis, than hypnosis won't do anything. It just makes it easier. And of course, you have to trust the hypnotist and let them guide you to relaxation. If you are really unable to trust the hypnotist, scrub through the suggestion portion of the file to hear exactly what they will say.

    Best of luck, and I hope I didn't type too disorganized. I'm actually at an overnight party right now, and my attention is kind of split. If anything needs clarification, by all means, ask!

    EDIT: In response to the right actions/words, there are none! If you're trying to use actions and words to regress, then just use whatever comes naturally. However, if you regress through some other means, remember, you are safe, and anything you do or say is also safe. That means, do whatever you feel like! Ideally, you would want to be in an environment where you could talk to your stuffed animals, play with toys, draw on walls, etc without being found out. If you DO notice yourself wanting to cause a mess when little (like drawing on the walls), and that breaks your regression because you don't want to clean it up, plan before you start next time. Perhaps use washable markers, or put paper on the walls, for example. Hope that helps!


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    Wow, thanks for all the information. It was a big read but it helped a ton! I should never have issues regressing again, haha. Thanks!!

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