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Thread: Weekend alone means Diapered 48 hours straight

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    Default Weekend alone means Diapered 48 hours straight

    So, I'm alone for one of those rare weekends. Put on my first diaper this morning (Friday) and will stay diapered until Sunday. Bought a pack of Depends Real Fit and have wet 3 so far. Went out this afternoon and wet in the restaurant a little and then more in the aisles of Walmart. No leaks. Can't wait to put on my cloth diapers and PUL pants (they're the best!) at bedtime after a bath. Hope to wet them before going to sleep so I can be in a wet one all night.

    Once I have a weekend like this my DL side often has been satisfied and the urge usually subsides a while. But they Weekends alone) don't come very often. How is it for others? Does a few days in diapers satisfy you for a while, or is it a constant need?

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    Nice! I still live with my parents so i cant wear around the house much but when i'm alone i'm usually diapered. Last time when i was alone the weekend i doubled up with attends slip regular 10 and went to sleep. Flooded the diaper when i woke up and wore it about 6 hours soaking it to its limits and messing it. I enjoyed the rest of the weekend diapered and just chilled out, went shopping and played games.

    I wouldn't want to go 24/7 but a bit more time in diapers would be nice. I wish i could just move
    to my own apartment already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaddedAssassin View Post
    Nice! I still live with my parents so i cant wear around the house much but when i'm alone i'm usually diapered. . . . .

    I wouldn't want to go 24/7 but a bit more time in diapers would be nice. I wish i could just moveto my own apartment already.
    It's rough at your age to want/need a life of your own but dependent on parents. All in good time. I wouldn't want to go 24/7 365, but to just do it for a few days is fun. Good luck to you and may you be liberated soon!

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    Hope you are consistent this weekend because you should realize diapers CAN be expensive.

    I see your happy spending the weekend in diapers is a thrill to you but surely you must have other things planned. Say you can umm...go out fishing if you want soothing calms of relief or joyous thrills like Go-karting, etc...Also as I might add let's hope your well protected against "Diaper Rash" if you plan on sleeping in a wet one "this" weekend. Stock up on baby powder or lotion

    It sucks being in diapers knowing family is around and wish the world would understand being in diapers isn't a big deal but some people are on more approach such as "There's no reason to be in diapers" or "You better get RID of those or else..." I would know because I have yet to tell my mother yet because I would feel embarrased about my DL/BF side and yet I am 19 because I don't have a job but I will be attending college 8/15.

    If you want more days besides weekends there are always night-times such as going to bed and padded under-covers where you are assured that nobody will bother you...or how about scoring opportunities like the trash is about to be takened out and throw your used ones away disguised inside dirty laundry you will be escorting out.

    Enjoy your weekend and hope I helped ^^

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    Wearing for long periods at a time (like for a day straight with a really good diaper like 24/7) can be interesting but also test you in ways to stay contained and comfortable. At one point it will get tiresome for me and after my DL side is satisfied, I look forward to cleaning up and being free for awhile.

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    Not to worry, SNIVY, all diapered up for the night with plenty of Desitin and powder on all the important parts. (I just love the smell!). And I have plenty of activities lined up.

    Not sure what you're thinking by "contained and comfortable", BARNBOY, but I don't stay in one diaper for a whole day. I prefer wetting, changing into a dry one, wetting, etc. I'm anxious to see if the "excitement" lasts for the whole 48 hours. Thanks for commenting both of you.
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    24 hours into this and still going strong: a little too strong maybe. Seems I might've overdone on the liquids last evening to ensure a wet diaper for the night. Had to have a change at 3:00 a.m. Soaked the second diaper overnight, too, even dampening the sheets a bit. Fortunately, I had put down some mattress protection. After a shower, back into diapers for day two.

    A question for you more experienced ones: does the smell of Desitin stay with you quite a while? Seems my hands still smell of it even though I haves washed them quite a few times since applying it down below. I can't tell if my body smells of Desitin from the lower regions even after my shower. Your help would be appreciated.

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    Destin is a moisture barrier cream. It's in your skin and it will go away after awhile. Nothing to be alarmed about. A few good sweats should take care of that.

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    Gardener - I'm sorry that you have to wait until you have a weekend alone to be able to express this side of yourself. But I understand why you would hide it. I hide it too, and I indulge on weekends when I can be alone. Sometimes – most times – almost always - the wait can be too long. Gradually I find the desire, the longing to wrap myself in the comfort and security of a diaper building and building. Frustration rises. The urge to wear becomes consuming. It fills my mind. My thoughts become fixed on it. And when finally the opportunity comes the anticipation has built to such a point – the compulsion is so intense, the pressure to find release so overwhelming – that my feelings are completely out of proportion with any satisfaction that diapers can give. Almost always, when finally the chance to wear diapers comes, it is an anti-climax. I’m left feeling empty. Filled only with disappointment, and the deepest contempt for myself.
    Yet still, even so, time and time again, I’m drawn back to this. The urge, the desire, the compulsion to wear diapers is too strong to resist.
    If only this was something I could do openly and as often as I needed. Maybe then I could indulge often enough to meet my needs – and maybe even find satisfaction in fulfilling this fetish.

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    Thanks. Need to make sure the odor is gone before my weekend alone is gone!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I read your intro from 2011. How did you lose your marriage? Did she discover it on her own or did you share it with her and she rejected you? How often does your opportunities for a weekend alone happen? I have also had those occasions when the buildup in my mind was so great that the reality was a big disappointment. Fortunately, this weekend it is proving to be all I hoped for. DL was a sexual stimulant when I first started recognizing that part of me. As time goes by it is much less so. Not sure if that's good or bad. I'd like to hear more about your situation.

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