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    Do you always stick with the same diaper when you wear them and whenever you need to buy more when you run out you buy the same brand again or do you buy a different brand every time you need more?

    I have worn different brands since I started wearing them again. I could never stick to the same brand because I find it boring. Every time I need to get more, I can't decide what brand to get. Right now I am thinking shall I get Tena Maxi Slip or Molicare Super Plus again (ABU is out of the question and I sure don't have to worry about Bambino classico since my size is out of stock) or get Abena or ATN, decisions decisions decisions. Why can I never stick to the same brand? It would be a lot easier if I stuck to the same brand.

    Okay do I want printed diapers or medical diapers. Ugh the decisions. This is one of the things I hate about being a DL lol.

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    I jump around from one thing to the next. It's both that there are different diapers for different kinds of wear and also I like trying new brands. I don't like disposables with cloth-like covers, so that spares me a number of products I might otherwise be inclined to try.

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    I finally placed an order after trying to decide for two hours lol. I was thinking about what diaper to get last night too and while I was at work.

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    Usually I like to have some choice that is I have at least two different types or brands of diapers at home. Either thicker nighttime diapers + thinner daytime diapers or some plastic backed as well as clothbacked ones. Or everything at the same time. Right now I have I guess 6 or 7 different packs (or what is left of them) at home. That doesn't make the decision making part any easier though But at the same time it doesn't get boring. As far as can remember I never bought the same diapers in a row. But I like to experiment and there is still a lot out there to be tested.

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    I have been in Depend for the past 15 years straight, although I did try a few others I got on sample years ago. So I would say that I don't like to change once I find something that works and I can trust. I am full time so I need it to be reliable and economical because I have to "depend" on them all the time and I go through 3-4 a day. I'm actually looking for a suitable replacement right now, but I'll save those details for another thread.

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    I've tried over a dozen different brands, and I've found a bit less than half have some value. Sometimes I want something thick and comfy. or thin and comfy. or thin and stealthy. or thick and absorbent. I basically wear 24/7 so I switch things up throughout the day. Since no one diaper is good for every situation, it helps keep it enjoyable and varied.

    I almost exclusively wear TotalDry Plus to work, they're pretty thin, quiet, excellent leak guards, fairly durable, and relatively inexpensive.

    Overnight I wear any of several diapers. Could be a Bambino Teddy, or XP Medical Absorbency Plus 3, or a TotalDry ConfiDry. In the evening and during my other free time like weekend I often slip into a diaper I have worn on a previous evening that was still dry in the morning. (not often!) But if I'm puting on a fresh one for lounging around the house, those often come off dry for later wear. I try not to be wasteful.

    Recently I've found the ConfiDry are very good "lounge diapers", because they can be worn at home sitting etc for a long time without clumping or stretching. Most other diapers need to be retaped or elastic starts breaking or tapes pull off the back or padding breaks up and builds up in the crotch area etc.

    Incontinentia: consider the TotalDry Plus, available at Case of 72 large is $65 shipped.
    Large TotalDry Plus Brief - 1 Case of 72 [SP92400-C72] - $64.68 : Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products!

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    Bambinod: I hadn't thought of those bacause I always considered them "premium" diapers. But at that price they are only a little out of my price range. I currently pay 73 cents each after shipping, so whatever I get has to meet that price. However, I wear the small/medium which are cheaper. They are 96-pack for $67.79. If there's no tax or shipping charge as they say, then they come out to 71 cents each. I am going to try them out as my next pack. Thanks for sharing that with me, it's a big help.

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