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    First things first, in danger of being cliche, I just have to say what an amazing site this is and how much it has helped me through some seriously wicked times in the past just from simply viewing it. My reason for joining now rather than earlier is I finally started truly accepting my AB/DL side as of very recent and it has done absolute wonders for so many aspects of my life and I don't ever want to go back . Well that was my scpeele, my name is Nick and am currently the happiest diaperboy I know but look forward to changing that by meeting/getting to know many of you and hope I fit in well in the community!!

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    Hello nick3 and welcome to the group I'm sure your fit in just fine, might I ask do you have any other hobbies/interests? *Monkey*

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    Oh yeah that would be a good thing to mention XD. I'm a pretty big computer gamer and just finished building a rig I've been saving up for. I do all of my gaming on steam and play CS:GO (Counter Strike) mostly, which I play pretty aggressively lol. I also enjoy biking, golfing, basketball and writing in general. Other than that I'm a pretty basic college kid who drinks and smokes a little more then they should but hey best place to do it I guess!

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    Great to have you on the forums! Sounds like you are certainly making the best of being at college… I like your avatar, if I had to guess you are a Tarantino fan. Would you add films to your list of interests?

    Also good to hear that you are starting to accept yourself. It took some of us an awful lot longer. In retrospect, it was not worth it but I did not have the Internet in my day, as a result I thought I was the only one.

    Dive into the forums, the more you contribute the more you will get out being here.

    All the best,


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    Profile pic amazing. Pulp fiction is a good movie.

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