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Thread: Lurker status again?! I was only on vacation!

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    Default Lurker status again?! I was only on vacation!


    Back again with not a lot to say, mostly bc like a lot of ppl here I like to keep to myself or be kind of quiet.

    Anywhoos I feel like I didn't open up a lot last time I did this so I'll make an effort with another intro this time. Not lik anybody cares tho...

    College, woohoo! Can't wait! I'll finally figure out what kind of person I am/will be. It's also a good chance to try being not so reclusive, hence coming here for some support.

    I came here mostly because of my journey looking for good stories, hey there's nothing bad about bookworms, but I definitely like stories that feature shy widdle diaper boys with their overprotective daddies teehee

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    Hello kitty123 and welcome to the group.

    I would disagree in that I am not sure about caring but we are interested in hearing other peoples stories about why they have come to this support group. But there again if we did not care we would not have this group to give each other support for this "awkward" condition/situation.

    So would you mind taking a moment and telling us a little more about yourself such as you hobbies and interests, so that we may get to know you a little better.

    Again welcome to the group.


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