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Thread: ABU advice

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    Default ABU advice

    Hello all,

    I wanted to ask some fellow AB/DL's who has used the ABU website within the past few months some advice. On the 14th I purchased a case of Wellness, M4's, and their sampler with their UPS Residential shipping. So pretty average purchase right? Well... unfortunately the progress on the order has still yet to be updated with tracking information.So i decided to send an email after a few business days seeing that it still wasn't updated.

    It's been ten days and my progress still hasn't updated on the package. It's also been Seven days sense I've sent the email, but with no response... I even decided to call their customer service, but all that does is give me a machine telling me the times to call; EVEN if I'm calling at the correct time.

    So... with the lack of customer support I'm a little worried that i'm going to get my package at all now. . . So am i just getting impatient and over worrying about nothing? WHEN should i start worrying about it? I suppose I could contact my bank to have them cancel the charge, or something like that... Idk I've never done that before...

    Anywho I just wanted some advice. Do you guys think i'm over worrying? Also, if it does get to the point where my worries may be granted... what is the legal amount of time that I have to cancel the charge on my card?

    Best regards,
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    When will people finally ralize ABU is a shit piece of a company.
    Crappy business - crappy decisions (in the past... maybe still these days) - crappy customer service.

    Stop giving those guys money.

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    my advice is to not order through ABU directly but to go through disposable medical express. They carry ABU product and aren't shitty with cusstomer service

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    Quote Originally Posted by EPO1 View Post
    When will people finally ralize ABU is a shit piece of a company.
    Crappy business - crappy decisions (in the past... maybe still these days) - crappy customer service.

    Stop giving those guys money.
    On one thing we can agree, but unfortunately you are flogging a dead donkey. I could understand noob's asking these questions, but when you look to the profile of the OP's in the bulk of ABU threads, without exception they have been here long enough to see for themselves in real time - the posting of previous threads. Arrogant Bloody Users (the company and it's franchise) have in lean times always had a cyclical thread about their business every three months or so, in better times they might have two or more currently active. Getting used to seeing that particular bad penny turn up again and again is part and parcel of being a member of this site. A long time ago I suggested that typing those three letters in that order should result in an automated neg-rep from the system, I can only conclude by the silence it is not doable or undesirable by management.

    PS: in the meantime you should buckle the chinstrap of the hard-hat and affix bayonet, the ABU-ites are about to attempt to overrun our defensive position.
    PPS: I am so prepared to hold on to this position till the last EPO1 left standing, good luck old bean it's been nice knowing you.
    FUCKIT: The alt is we could petition management to create a sticky thread for ABU.

    . . . . . . . .

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    Since your an EC+ I recommend going to this thread.

    Because this has information on pretty much everything about ABU.

    EP01 Talked about it, HogansHeroes Talked about it, Marka Talked about it. Trust me it's not what you think it is but if your up for the task then take a visit to this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by EPO1 View Post
    When will people finally ralize ABU is a shit piece of a company.
    Crappy business - crappy decisions (in the past... maybe still these days) - crappy customer service.

    Stop giving those guys money.
    He doesn't like the company for many reasons and he makes great points on that thread.

    ABU is a company with a bad history on shipping and ordeals such as some people have said they steal money from purchases, Advertise kids more then their diapers pointing to Kiddy porn as a matter of fact, takes WAY to long for purchases to arrive, and the worst of all it's loaded with spam and junky products. They also have a bad history on legal rights but yet the website itself isn't down and it should be but yet nobody hasn't made a move yet, which has surprised me. Half the products on that website you can go to others.

    Abena's, Tena slip maxi's you can go to Amazon spam-free, Safer, and faster shipping
    Bambino Diapers has their own website Discreet, safe, and easy.

    It's a waste of money for that website because it's not what you think it is think of it as donating money because your not getting your money or your products back. Now some people do get their products depending on where you live but it's a loooooooooong process that's why I buy my diapers off of Amazon because they are reliable. ABU doesn't have any security tags and if you haven't realized their website isn't registered.

    Don't do it. Since you already made purchases I would ride it out and I highly recommend you don't make any purchases from that website again because since you think your over-worrying your not almost 90% of people hate that website.
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    Cheers for the replies and special thanks to Snivy for taking the initiative. I didn't realize how terrible the site was. I mean i've ordered from them once before with no issue and when i started to talk to my friend about it he said that it was a shitty site himself. (oops...) So yeah... I suppose i'll just wait another week or so and do some googling about how to cancel orders and what not and i don't hear from anyone or anything before that i'll have my bank cancel the charge.

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    You will have to get your bank involved. I know it will be embarrassing to talk about, but, the good thing is that you will never see that person in your life if you do it over the phone. I've never tried their products because of my only experience with them. Some say they never had any problems, but there are too many people complaining about them. If someone told you a said restaurant had terrible food and service, you'd probably choose to go elsewhere.

    Maybe they have improved? Well, your problem with them suggests no. The staff does nothing when it comes to customer service issues. They don't answer emails and you will get an answering machine when you try and call. As long as the money comes in they take it regardless of stock issues, or anything like that. Live and learn, then get Bambino.

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    ABU doesn't sell Bambinos.

    Generally, I haven't had any issues with ABU. There was one instance out of many, where I received a case of SDKs that were a bit mutilated in the package (manufacturer's fault), and when I emailed them a couple times about it, they never responded. I can see where they have a grey area in their customer service and reputation, but more than 9 times out of 10 I had no problems with orders or their products.

    I would say my biggest issue with them is their stock-outs. They are ALWAYS out of stock on something, even more often than Bambino is. It bothers me to the fullest and if you took a look on their site now you'd see they're currently out of stock on nearly everything. Absolutely abhorrent way to run your business as your customers are forced to frequent the competition! Where is their cash flow going? Obviously into something other than keeping their business running smoothly, which is disgraceful.

    I have no clue on their background with "kiddie porn" sites. I've seen the questionable site with the catalog offers, which was disturbing, but didn't see their connection to ABU. Maybe someone would be so kind as to post a link or some evidence that ties the 2 together other than heresy. Also, a link to these implications of "employees quitting" and moving their business would be great -- how would any of you know these details anyway? Not saying any of it is untrue, I'd just like to read up on it and learn why their reputation is in such shambles.

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    so just how good are they? and where can one buy them with good customer service?

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